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who sells the varietal sunset sherbert cannabis seeds

This year’s brought genetic advancements unlike any other, and new contenders have joined our vast selection of superstar sativa strains. Here are five of the most potent from our sativa roster.

Sativa strains help to increase focus, drive motivation, and boost creativity. These powerful 2021 varieties go to show how sativas are only getting stronger and tastier over time. Enjoy huge levels and THC and delicious terpene profiles. All of these strains make perfect wake and bake choices and offer rewarding yields.

How many of your New Year’s resolutions have you accomplished? Remember those goals you set months ago that seemed to all come grinding to a halt? This year’s been a lot, to say the least, so we understand if you lost the motivation. We’ve still got time to go, though, and we think we’ve got something that’ll help you get energised and excited. Of course, what could do the job better than some nugs of ultra-potent sativa?


Breeders named this beast after the Incredible Hulk, noting their striking similarities. It’s got a large stature, deep green appearance, and the ability to launch you into orbit. Breeders deep in the Colorado mountains set about creating this variety with nothing but potency in mind. They crossed OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, and achieved THC levels far beyond their expectations. The end result, HulkBerry, proudly carries a legacy as one of the most potent sativa cultivars on Earth.

Her incredibly dense and compact flowers possess a massive trichome count, along with a gorgeous bouquet of deep orange pistils. The copious amounts of resin on her blossoms are telling of the THC content, which maxes out at 27%. It only takes a couple of tokes, or a single bong rip, to feel the full force of this strain. Strap yourself in for an energising and cerebral ride that will last hours at a time. Her stimulating and mood-elevating effects are particularly fun at parties and social gatherings.

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SUNSET SHERBET CBD FLOWER is a new private reserve Industrial Hemp varietal cultivated and sold by CBD Hemp Direct. This is a supercharged version of our original Sunset Road Sherbert strain, so expect higher potency and better overall quality.

We are CBD Hemp Direct, a multi-state licensed Industrial Hemp Grower/Handler and the original CBD flower company. All CBD products sold here are derived from Industrial Hemp.

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Strain type: Hybrid

Parent strains: White Widow


Juicy Fruit. (Courtesy of Cameron Karsten)

Why we love it: With all the best characteristics of Blue Dream and none of the market oversaturation, fans of that iconic strain will adore this fresh take.”

Why we love it: For lovers of OG Kush (and there are plenty), this sugary-sweet strain begets body-focused effects and stress relief that are better than a massage.