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which seeds are best for micro grows cannabis

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Beginner growers can grow autoflower plants at home, even without the luxury of space. Since autoflower plants are genetically small, they are easier to cultivate indoors, even without any stress. When a rookie grower is afraid of growing marijuana, one can start with one or two potted autoflower plants. The first try could be a training ground to accumulate enough experience when growing more. Micro-growing autoflower plants are no sweat at all. It is easy and dependable and experience-worthy. Though it is easy, there are still variables to consider when learning how to micro grow autoflower marijuana.

Lastly is the amount of water given. Autoflower plants need water but not too much water. The trick when watering autoflower plants is to check the topsoil. If the topsoil is yet damp from the last water, don’t add more. This will drown the roots and could cause roots rot or molds. When watering, provide the appropriate volume that will soak the soil and not make it dripping wet. Also, make sure the pots have holes so the excess water can seep out of the soil.

Micro growing Autoflower Marijuana

There are high-pressure sodium lights or HPS, which is a staple choice of marijuana growers because of its potent light; however, due to its power, it also heats quite easily and a lot. There are also CFL or compact fluorescent lamps that are affordable and don’t get too hot, but they are not as powerful as HPS lights. Lastly, there is the LED lighting, which is the best choice, but if you are on a tight budget, this could be a hole in the pocket.

The first technique is topping. Topping means cutting the top plants branch, so new branches will sprout on each side, making them grow sideways rather than upwards. Cutting the unnecessary branches will also help the plant maintain its small size. Another high-stress training is cutting off the main stem of the autoflower plants so that the growth will focus on the side branches rather than the main stem. This way, the plants tend to make more branches and grow at a shorter height.

The best thing about knowing how to micro grow autoflower marijuana is to be unafraid of the responsibility of handling full-blown marijuana operations. Instead, the grower can consider cultivating a couple of seeds and grow them in closets or other small spaces. Learning how to micro grow autoflower marijuana is the basic guide a rookie can follow to attain experiences needed for full-blown cultivation. This is similar to testing the waters and the rookie’s way of knowing which works well for one’s preference. When considering how to micro grow autoflower marijuana, there are things a rookie must understand and take notice of. These things will help take better care of the plants to make the first marijuana experience a successful one.

Aside from the obvious limitations in the size department, the main drawbacks of growing a small weed plant in your home are:

In common with all Autoflower weed varieties, this version does not require precise lighting techniques to trigger the flowering phase. Indoor yields are highly respectable at up to 450 grams per m2, and that all-important THC content can reach the dizzy heights of 20%, making Critical Autoflower a compelling option for weed lovers with refined tastes.


In fact, even more experienced weed producers love to get in on the Micro Growing action, as it gives them a chance to try out new varieties. Cleverly, some growers even use their home Micro Growing setups as a valuable source of strains to use in crossbreeding experiments.

Other than that, all you need to do is make sure that you prune your plant carefully in order to keep it within your size requirements. While doing this, remember to take care not to limit your final yield, and use your judgement to ensure that you harvest your bud at the correct time.

It really is a no-brainer. So with that in mind, here is our guide to the ins and outs of Micro Weed Growing.