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when to start cannabis seeds for outdoor

Seedling stage length: 2-3 weeks

We can’t stress enough that the timeframes in the above graphic are ranges of time for the Northern Hemisphere. You’ll need to adjust them based on your specific region and local weather and climate.

Be mindful to increase your watering as the plant develops. When it’s young, your plant will need water close to the stalk, but as it grows the roots will also grow outward, so start watering further away from the stalk in the soil so roots can stretch out and absorb water more efficiently.

What are a weed plant’s growth stages?

Cannabis plants go through a series of stages as they grow and mature, and those different growth stages call for different amounts of light, nutrients, and water.

As the sun reaches up high in the sky, your cannabis will want to as well. Make sure all of your plants are outside by the Summer Solstice.

When your marijuana plant becomes a seedling, you’ll notice it developing more of the traditional cannabis fan leaves. As a sprout, the seed will initially produce leaves with only one ridged blade. Once new growth develops, the leaves will develop more blades (3, 5, 7, etc.). A mature cannabis plant will have between 5 or 7 blades per leaf, but some plants may have more.

Outdoors, flowering occurs naturally when the plant receives less light each day as summer turns into fall. Indoor growers can trigger the flowering cycle by reducing the amount of light marijuana plants receive from 16 to 12 hours a day.

If you live in a place that has a constant good weather then the season isn’t very important to take into consideration for you to plant marijuana seeds outdoors. In places with less abundant sunshine, the season would last roughly from March to August or September depending if it’s an Indica or a Sativa marijuana plant. In other regions such as equatorial or coastal regions, the issue of when to plant marijuana seeds outdoors is non-existent since the constant warmth and humidity will germinate the marijuana seeds outdoors without any worries of the conditions being too harsh for the seedlings, or not enough humidity and warmth for the marijuana seed.

You’re not the only one wondering when to plant Marijuana seeds outdoors. Although it is a question that doesn’t have only one answer. Depending on what part of the world you live, the ideal conditions to plant marijuana seeds outdoors would be in the spring, between March and May (in the northern hemisphere). Ideally, during this time, your marijuana seeds should already be germinated and you can even plant marijuana seedlings that are a few weeks old outdoors. As we have mentioned in our other guides, to plant marijuana seeds outdoors is a numbers game. The more marijuana seeds you plant outdoors (if you don’t have the experience) the better your germination rates and eventual harvest will be. For Northern hemisphere climate conditions we don’t recommend to plant marijuana seeds outdoors, rather germinate and start growing the marijuana plant indoors until the weather conditions are ideal to take the marijuana plant outdoors.

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When to plant marijuana seeds outdoors depends on the weather where you live

Tip: Cannabis is a plant you can train with different techniques. Learn here more about Topping, Fimming, Scrog (Screen Of Green) or SoG (Sea Of green) for an even bigger yield.

A beautiful Seedling that just popped up!

It’s also a good idea to keep track of what you do and when you do it. It’s recommended to keep a log and make notes or have a look how others do at This way, you can find out more easily what went right or what went wrong. You could write down the temperatures, how much and how often you gave water or extra nutrition to your plants.

Growing Cannabis Outdoors: The Schedule

If you want to grow cannabis outdoors, you should know when it is the best time to sow plants, cultivate and harvest them. Cannabis is a strong plant, but even this beautiful lady needs sunlight, water, and nutrients to be able to yield a good harvest. Do you want to get the most yield out of your plants? Below, you find the best tips to use when growing weed.

The growing season of the cannabis plant (in the Netherlands) starts about mid-May. It’s important that there’s no chance of night frost anymore. You can sow earlier, but a couple of times of night frost will do your little seedlings no good.

After Midsummer the days start to shorten. The cannabis plants will now start to flower. Buds will form, but it’s far from harvest time. The buds will keep developing, until it’s time to harvest in October and November. Note that bad weather around September and October can cause budrot, as it might get too wet and with too less sun and wind it’s the ultimate condition for budrots and you don’t want this as you’ve given love the whole summer! Make sure the plants will stay dry to for example a translucent roof.

If people are thinking of cannabis growing outdoor this season: it’s the right time. If you shop cannabis seeds now, it’s just in time to be able to harvest your own product in the fall.