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what happens if i plant cannabis nanners seeds

I am a vigilant grower and I am fortunate enough to have the time to check my plants many times daily. I also have a magnifying glass and a steady hand.

I have spent the last couple hours reading up about nanners and sometimes ppl say chop the whole plant/remove the plant, sometimes ppl say pick off the nanners til harvest. I am tending towards the latter.

The real question I guess here is: is there a possibility that these nanners will ruin my entire crop? or can I go with picking them off until harvest?

3x Northern Lights (Nirvana), 3x The Ultimate (Dutch Passion)
All NL plants are doing just great. 1 of The Ultimate plants is doing just great.
The other 2 Ultimate plants have been a bit stressed (they grew mega tall and I had some nute issues which have been fixed as well as i could) and yesterday I discovered a nanner on one of them, today a nanner on the other. I removed the nanners carefully with tweezers and they did not pop.
All plants have very decent buds and if it wasn’t for these nanners I was heading for an awesome harvest.
I am almost 6 weeks into flower, so 2-3 weeks til harvest.

I haven’t had any weed to smoke for a while now and I want to get everything I can out of this grow. Also I really really want to try the Ultimate since it’s a new strain and so little info available from experienced growers about this strain.

What would you guys do in my situation?
Thanks in advance for your input,

What causes bananas? Genetics decide whether a plant is capable of producing bananas, but environmental stress is often the trigger. Even if you do stress your plants, you are much less likely to run into bananas if you stick with high-quality genetics. even if you do accidentally stress your plants.

It’s possible that the pollen is sterile, and won’t pollinate bud successfully… but don’t rely on that happening!

If bananas appear while buds are still white and fluffy, remove the plant from the grow room immediately. It will only get worse.

The yellow bunches in this bud are bananas/stamens and will “try” to pollinate everything they can – they don’t have to wait for a pollen sac to burst. It’s possible that the pollen is sterile, but often you may find seeds.

What should the grower do? It is recommended that you remove plants showing bananas from your grow area immediately to prevent accidental pollination of buds.

Be Kind to Yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you find bananas. It happens to every grower and now you know what to do so you’re prepared for next time.

What are they? Bananas are essentially the exposed “male” parts of a pollen sac, called the stamen, which would normally be surrounded by a sac to hold all the pollen until it bursts open. If you open up a fully formed male pollen sac, you will see what looks like bananas (stamens) inside. Learn more about male vs female cannabis plants.

Remember that the earlier the bananas appear in the flowering stage, the more time they get to pollinate the buds and the more seeds your buds will have so if you have a major “nanners” problem, harvest the plants immediately or get rid of them to minimize the losses.

Bananas or “nanners” (however you want to call them) are basically the inner side of the male cannabis flower or stamen (aka pollen sac). Normally a male plant grows a pollen sac that holds all the pollen, and eventually releases it when the pollen sac is fully mature, once the pollen sacs open, you’ll see a banana-shaped structure inside; These are the stamens (aka bananas or “nanners”).

These structures are unwanted by most home growers because they can release pollen, which will end up filling your buds with seeds, now, a couple of “nanners” won’t produce a lot of seeds but multiple bananas may end up ruining your harvest so here’s everything you need to know about “nanners”.

4. What Should I Do If My Plant Grows Bananas?

Just like when one of your regular seeds ends up being a male, you should remove the plants that are showing bananas as soon as possible because, as mentioned before, bananas do not open like pollen sacs and they will pollinate the buds immediately.

Unlike pollen sacs, “nanners” don’t need to open up to release the pollen because they’re the inside structure of the pollen sacs, so the pollen grains are directly exposed to the buds; Which means that as soon as the bananas appear, they immediately start pollinating the buds and nearby plants.

Despite not being exactly the same as hermaphrodites, “nanners” are definitely not wanted because, just like hermies, they will pollinate the buds, resulting in seeded buds. If you want to avoid bananas at any cost, make sure your growing conditions are on point and that you avoid any stress.

As said above, genetics plays a big role in the tendency of a certain strain to grow bananas. Some strains will never grow bananas even if left too long after they’re completely mature or even in the most stressful conditions while others will grow bananas with minimum stress.