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what do you do with cannabis seeds in dayz mod

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This mod may not be repacked. It can be used on a monetized server.

We ignore invites on Steam and often don’t have time to check comments. Contact can be made with us through Discord. If you need help with something open a Ticket in the #Help channel.
Steam is removing the discord link so you’ll have to type it out manually or copy below and remove the spaces.
discord .gg /q9kRXR5

This mod creates a way for players to generate income by growing, producing and crafting cannabis products to sell. It also features the ability to use cannabis products in various ways; including smoking.

Big shoutouts to the CannabisPlus team for bringing this together. Very excited to see what new things come!

Are you looking for a nice and grindy experience in DayZ? This is the right server for you. This server rewards people who put the time into playing on our server. The more you grind the better items/vehicles you can buy or expand ur base etc.. We have balanced the trader buy and sell prices so people really have to ”PLAY’‘ the game (Looting) I feel like that was missing on a lot of servers in my opinion thats why i created this with a few friends of mine. The server contains a lot of variation of weapons and clothing aswell as vehicles you can buy at normal traders and black market traders. Heli crashes and Airdrops contains High-Tier Loot (M82 Barret, Cheytac) for example. You can buy Cannabis Seeds at NWAF and grind that or just loot for money thats completely up to you. Airdrops are dropped every 30 minutes and airdrop flares are buyable at black markets.

Future Development is really important to us as we want to improve the server at all times. This is not the final product.

Note: This server is hosted in Europe but we do accept players from outside europe.