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what are regular cannabis seeds

Use this guide to learn everything you need to know about regular cannabis seeds.

Allow the pollen to work its magic for three hours. The fertilised flowers will now begin the process of forming seeds. Gently spray down the fertilised buds with water to remove excess pollen.


The process of growing regular seeds is almost identical to growing feminized ones. There are just a few precautions to be aware of.

Temperature and humidity are important variables in preventing mould and optimising yield. These factors can be controlled indoors by using humidifiers, dehumidifiers, heaters, and air conditioning.

It’s also critical to learn how to water your plant properly. Too much water can cause root rot, and too little can result in nutrient uptake issues.

Regular Cannabis seeds have both male and female seeds in an ideal proportion of 50/50. In order to find out which is which, all the Cannabis seeds have to be germinated and grown until they “sex” or begin to show signs of being females (pre-flowers) or males (pre-pollen sacs). The male Cannabis seeds can be discarded or used to breed. The female plants obtained from regular Cannabis seeds are much more genetically stable and will not turn hermaphrodite under stress so you can make highly successful cuttings. You cannot know what sex the regular Cannabis seeds will be by just looking at it.

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What are regular cannabis seeds beside being “difficult” to grow?

Even though in recent years the interest in regular cannabis seeds has dropped considerably, many continue to choose regular over feminized or autoflowering cannabis seeds. Regular seeds have the potential to produce new phenotypes and cultivars that are not yet available in their feminized or autoflower counterparts.

If you're looking to find a keeper, go pheno-hunting, or if you're looking for something truly unique, then regular seeds are the way to go. Our regular seeds have proved to be some of the best genetics for pheno-hunters and breeders looking to find new and exciting dominant traits. You won't be disappointed.

Best Cannabis Seeds

Regular Cannabis Seeds are seeds that produce both male and female plants. Regular seeds are a product of the cannabis plant’s most natural state. In nature, both male and female marijuana plants breed among each other to create new varieties of cannabis. The cannabis plant is mostly dioecious, meaning it will have either all male or all female parts on it. Both male and female cannabis plants have their own unique reproductive characteristics allowing growers to tell the difference between them during the pre-flowering stage.

Greenpoint Seeds has specialized in regular cannabis seeds production for many years. You can feel confident buying any of our regular strains and know that we've put years of experience, care and hard work into every pack we sell.