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Our specially formulated grass seed will give you a lush green lawn with less effort and less watering. Find options for all types of lawns Want a lush, green lawn? Black Beauty grass seed mixtures grow exceptionally well in sunny, shady, and heavily trafficked lawns.

Grass Seed

Our specially formulated grass seed, TurboTurf™, is high quality, weed-free, and offers high germination percentage rates. The best type of grass for you will depend on your climate.

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When to Plant Grass Seed

Fall is best for planting cool-season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrasses, and tall fescues. Daytime air temperatures should be averaging between 60 and 85 degrees which translates to soil temperatures between 50 to 75 degrees. Spring is the second best option for cool-season grasses. Warm-season grasses, like Bermudagrass, Bahiagrass, Centipede grass, and Zoysia grass have the most successful germination rates in spring and early summer when daytime temperatures average about 80 degrees.

How to Plant Grass Seed

Test to be sure your lawn pH is between 6.0 and 7.4. Prepare the seedbed and broadcast your seed at the recommended rate. Keep it constantly moist by watering 2 to 3 times per day with a mist spray until germination.

How to Water Grass Seed

Water newly spread seed by lightly spraying 2 to 3 times per day. The goal is to keep the soil moist, but not wet. Once your grass has germinated begin to water heavier, but less often.

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When to Overseed?

Late summer into fall and spring are good times to overseed northern yards with cool-season grasses. Southern lawns should be overseeded in the fall with cool-season grass.

How Long for Grass Seed to Germinate

Germination time varies amongst different types of grasses. Even the same seed will germinate at varying rates within different climates. Expect your grass to emerge within 7 to 21 days.

Grass Seed

Shop Jonathan Green cool-season grass seed mixtures that grow exceptionally well in sunny, shady, and heavily trafficked lawns.

Black Beauty® Original Grass Seed

Black Beauty® Ultra Grass Seed

Black Beauty® Sun & Shade Grass Seed

Black Beauty® Fall Magic Grass Seed

Black Beauty® Lawn Repair for Sun & Shade

Repair bare spots fast! All-in-one patching solution with Black Beauty® grass seed, fertilizer, and mulch.

Black Beauty® Sunny Grass Seed

Black Beauty® Dense Shade Grass Seed

Black Beauty® Texas Bluegrass Grass Seed

Black Beauty® Keystone Pennsylvania Grass Seed

Black Beauty® Biodegradable Grass Seed Roll

Black Beauty® Shady Nooks Grass Seed

Black Beauty® Heavy Traffic Grass Seed

Blue Panther® Kentucky Bluegrass Grass Seed

Touch-Up™ TRI-RYE Perennial Ryegrass

Fast Grow Grass Seed

Contractor’s Grass Seed

Pasture Grass Mixture

Wildflower and Meadow Grass Mix

Top Dress™ Seedling Cover and Growth Accelerator

Black Beauty® Delmarva Mid-Atlantic Grass Seed

Specially formulated grass seed blend ideal for the hot and humid climates of the Mid-Atlantic (Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia).