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wedding cake cannabis seeds

True to its genetics, Wedding Cake fem features classic indica growth characteristics. The plants tend to be small and squat, while the foliage can grow thick and bushy. Regular pruning is needed to keep the dense buds well-aerated. And to bring out the finest qualities of your nuggets, maintain a comfortable room temperature, and nourish her with a healthy dose of calcium and magnesium. You’ll also be happy to know that she’s extremely responsive to the Sea of Green growing techniques. That means a shorter growing period and more generous yields.

One of the best things about this strain is that it boasts a cornucopia of terpenes, particularly limonene, humulene, myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene. Plus, it also contains several other terpenes in smaller amounts. These compounds work in synergy with THC and other cannabinoids, bolstering their touted therapeutic benefits.


Wedding Cake fem promises a mishmash of effects that will captivate even seasoned smokers. To be specific, this strain is prized for its deeply relaxing high with a hint of sedation. In fact, past users report that this ganja is a perfect after-work treat or bedtime companion. Just be careful not to consume too much. Otherwise, you’ll be signing up for a full-on couchlock and a too-intense mental stimulation.

With Wedding Cake fem, what you get are potent anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antidepressant, and anti-anxiety properties. This makes it a powerful remedy against arthritis, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. And for insomniacs, this medley of effects can help usher in a deep, restful slumber. After intake, users may trigger bouts of hunger as well, making it ideal for those suffering from poor appetite, weight loss, and even nausea. This also includes patients diagnosed with cancer and HIV/AIDS, who often experience appetite loss as a side effect of their condition and medications.

At its prime, the plants will resemble pine trees with their dark, lush leafage. Of course, the cream of the crop is the hefty, varicolored buds with a thick coating of crystalline trichomes on top – very much like a batch of freshly-baked frosted wedding cakes.

Wedding Cake delivers a sweet and tangy fragrance with hints of earthy vanilla and orange blossom flowers. Wedding Cake’s sweetness is apparent at the first whiff. When properly cured, buds tend to smell vegetal: damp and mossy with a hint of citrus. It tastes sugary and rich on the exhale, with a subtle buttery mouthfeel that some liken to the taste of vanilla cake frosting. The taste is the perfect combo of cookie dough sweetness and a slice of sour cherry pie.

Wedding Cake is an impressive and multi-dimensional strain. It has a 25% THC level that induces an industrial-strength cerebral and body high, uplifting users and relaxing the body. The CBD percentage is rather low at .02%, however, the presence of its psychoactive compounds have significant therapeutic values.


Wedding Cake is characterized by its large and multicolored flowers. The chunky, bulbous nuggets adhere in a dense, typical indica bud structure, with tightly curled leaves. The leaves are earthy green colored and the buds have an abundance of orange hairs. As the plants grow, they produce a forest green hue that gradually becomes darker and can begin to develop purple undertones.

The Wedding Cake terpene profile presents an array of tangy, earthy, and sweet floral tastes. Myrcene, limonene, pinene, and caryophyllene are the dominant terpenes in the Wedding Cake cannabis strain. Myrcene helps to elevate your mood and is responsible for triggering the giggles when using cannabis.

Wedding Cake, aka Pink Cookies, is a strain that utilizes incredible genetics to yield a balanced high and dynamic taste. Wedding Cake is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Its family line oozes sweet and sour earthy scents with unmistakable vanilla aromas and an old school skunkyness. Wedding Cake is an indica dominant hybrid 60/40 that delivers an exceptionally sweet aromatic essence with a tremendous flavor and a powerful high.