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vial of cannabis seeds

Consistent high yielding plants

Retailer Boxes: Retailers can purchase “Retail Display POP Boxes” that contain 5 micro vial blister packs. Each individual seed blister pack has its own unique Universal Product Code (UPC) and corresponding bar code so they can be easily configured for your point of sale system.

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Yield: Insert Yield

Uniform plant growth

Flowering time: 45 days

Pop Top Bottles

Reversible Cap Vials

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Quantity: 100 units
Size: 5 ml
Color: Black
Dimensions: 56 cm x 8 cm

These glass vials have multiple use cases. With its compact size these glass vials fits Cannabis seeds for safe and easy transport. Our glass vials can also be used to store Cannabis or Hemp Tinctures and don’t forget about oils.

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