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vagabond cannabis seeds

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The high offers balanced physical and mental effects but are not recommended for the meek or infrequent stoner. This bud hits hard and fast. I-95’s terpene profile wreaks of chemmy diesel fuel and sour funkiness that fills the room and excites anyone’s palate.

Night Rider – I-95 is deep hybrid cut bred from Triangle Kush and a Legend OG x Stardawg IX2 hybrid created by Money Mike of Top Dawg Genetics. This strain produces dense, light green buds covered in glistening whitish-green trichomes with all spaded calyxes. The loud I95 is known to out-stink any other plant in the room. With pungent chem stank and that OG funk, I-95 has a skunky back end.

I-95 x Stardawg

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When I-95 gets hit with Greenpoint’s Stardawg Male Stud, you get a breeding combination of epic proportions that represent the epitome of east coast cannabis genetics. What else would you expect? The Stardawg male, hailing from the Chemdog side of the lineage, is known for its skunky, grungy, raw oiliness, bitter lemon, and chemical cleaner aromas. Both cannabis plants are surely not lacking in potency, and the smoke of Night Rider will be powerful enough to please the most discerning of connoisseurs. It should be powerfully felt in both the head and the body and will display equally powerful aromas that lean heavily toward grapefruit, citrus-scented chemical cleaning products, petrol products, and industrial scents.