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using ga3 cannabis seeds

Me too.
But sometimes life is a bitch with her own rules

You could also try a kelp soak but i dont feel comfortable saying something that might cause you to lose your strain

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I watched several videos and there are both, people with success and some without.
But the one who totally fucked up everything up was a guy who used alcohol to dissolve the ga3 and then diluted this with water.

Ga3 in RO water @100 and 250 ppm. He got a chart that says how many ga3 powder + how many water = x ppm

You could also try a kelp soak but i dont feel comfortable saying something that might cause you to lose your strai

Using colloidal silver is one of the simplest and most reliable ways of making feminized cannabis seeds. It’s also readily available online and at local pharmacies.

This is the most natural way to make feminized seeds. As a result, you basically just need the plants themselves.

How To Make Feminized Seeds With Colloidal Silver

The key to feminization lies in a compound called ethylene. It’s a hormone that has several roles in a plant’s life. Notably, ethylene levels determine the sex of a plant. By either reducing the level of ethylene in plant tissues or inhibiting the action of ethylene, you can trick a female plant into turning hermaphrodite and developing pollen – typically a male-only trait. Then, you can use that female pollen to breed with another female plant. The seeds produced by this kind of pairing will be feminized.

If you’re lucky, after a few more weeks, your plant will pollenate itself. As a result, the seeds that the plant develops will be feminized. This method usually results in fewer seeds than other feminization techniques.

Three days prior to switching to a 12/12 light schedule, start spraying your plant with the colloidal silver mixture at least once per day (but preferably three times per day) until you see it begin to develop male pollen sacs. Don’t be shy – make sure you get them nice and wet. You should begin to see changes forming in your plants between five and ten days after you begin spraying. Once you begin to see male pollen sacs, they should fully develop in three or four weeks.

GA-3 is a natural organic compound, and its use is approved by most organic certification agencies.

Smoke and charred-wood leachate (water in which charred wood has been soaked) may stimulate germination of plants from fire-prone habitats with hot, dry summers, such as the Mediterranean, California, South Africa and Australia. For a list of genera that have responded to smoke treatment, click here: Smoke Genera.

In our adaptation of the Bertrand Method, the seeds are folded up in the filter paper circles, placed in the 2×2" poly bags, and the appropriate solution added. Use enough to completely wet the seeds and paper and leave extra for the seeds to absorb. For larger amounts of seed, place in a culture tube and add solution to 1 1/2 times seed depth. Leave seed for 24 hours and add solution if needed. Most seeds absorb about their own weight, but some absorb much more, up to 20 times their own weight. Culture tubes should be kept horizontal to prevent seeds from jamming in the tube as they swell. After 24 hours the papers and seed are removed and blotted dry and sown as per the Bertrand Method, or germinated on toweling as per the Deno Method. Alternate dilutions can be prepared drop-wise with the dispo-pipettes, which average about 20 drops per milliliter, and are marked on the side in 1/10th ml increments. Best to mark your pipettes 1000, 500, etc. to prevent inadvertent mixing. The GA-3-1000 Advanced Kits include petri dishes for germinating seeds which require light on a pad of moist filter paper. Avoid excessive moisture.

Hydrogen peroxide stimulates many species. Seeds are soaked in a 1 – 3% solution for 5 minutes to 48 hours for hard seeds. We have had very good results.

Reporting this information does not imply our endorsement of animal testing!