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using a stirrer to feminize cannabis seeds

Before we jump straight into the germination methods, there are a couple of germination golden rules. For the best results, we recommend staying within these guidelines, no matter how you choose to germinate. That being said, of all the factors to consider, temperature is one of the most critical. Seeds will always seek out even the smallest amount of moisture, but they use temperature as a sign that they need to do so.

You will need to invest in a few pieces of unique equipment, but by using stone wool blocks, you can create a perfect utopia for germinating cannabis seeds. Soak the stone wool blocks in the same way you would a soil medium. The wool will retain the moisture and prevent the need to water during the early stages of germination. After the wool blocks are soaked, stick them in a plastic tray that also has a lid. Large cake tubs are ideal.



Planting directly into your growing medium prevents having to move seeds when they are at their most fragile. That first root tip is covered with microscopic filaments that are easily damaged. Given that both a cup full of water and moist paper towels are more prone to temperature fluctuations from their environment, planting in soil is a much safer option.

Probably one of the most common methods of germination. The kitchen towel method comes in several iterations. Some growers use cotton wool pads or absorbent pieces of paper. For this guide, we will be using kitchen towel as it is readily available and holds moisture relatively well.

Prepare the materials that you will need:

Note: You also have the option of putting the reversed female and the female plants together and let nature take its course. For that to happen, you have to work on the timing. The idea is to have the reversed plant release pollen when the mother is 2 to 3 weeks into flowering.

Stock Solution B: Sodium Thiosulfate

A pack of GA3 is usually 1 gram. If you were to weigh it on a gram scale, it should be around 1.11 grams, which is to compensate for 90% purity.

In nature, cannabis plants mostly produce female seeds once they are near the end of their lifetime. There is no need for more males, as only a few can fertilize a massive number of females.

Five days before switching to the flowering period, you can start this process. After the initial spray, wait for 5 days and spray again. By the second application, you would have swapped the lamp from MH to HPS, and change the lighting schedule to 12/12. Continue spraying every 5 days.