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us cannabis seed reviews

Why are you reading this list of ten best seed banks online? Maybe this will be your first time to buy marijuana seeds online. If not, maybe you are just looking for options on where you should purchase your set of cannabis seeds.

Not all of the seed banks listed above are based in the United States, but they all ship to the country. Therefore, we can still say that they are the best seed banks to supply people in the US. We can also purchase CBD oils and other products in the US. How great it is!

You can also join the ILGM forum that can help you in growing your Marijuana Seeds. Topics in the sub forums include but not limited to hydroponics, soil building, and beneficial microbes.

Types Of Marijuana Seeds You Can Buy Online

This approach has some downside because the quality and potency of the seeds differ from one brand to another. However, you can surpass this challenge if you know which brand you would really like to buy. Nevertheless, there are still a few problems. Some users complain about germination problems — either they fail to sprout, or do not grow into their highest quality.

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Here are the high-quality seeds of ILGM. With their germination Guarantee, you will surely say, “I love growing Marijuana!”

Girl Scout Cookies is a popular American strain

Tangerine Dream has been described as a “citrus fruit fantasy”

There is a huge thriving cannabis market in parts of the U.S. and American breeders are developing world-famous cannabis strains. Where can you buy the genetics? What’s the best American seed bank? And why is it so hard to find current information about online seed banks in America?

European Seed Banks

Important! PLEASE READ!

Now that recreational use and home cultivation has been legalized for adults in Canada, seed banks are getting established there, too.

The problem has to do with the American federal government and the current legal status of cannabis. Marijuana and derivatives (including seeds) are considered a Schedule 1 drug with essentially no accepted legal use. This makes it hard if not impossible for a seed bank to run in the U.S. the way they do in the U.K., the Netherlands, Spain, or Canada (which have legal loopholes or full-on legalization).

American-bred strains tend to be “high” on sparkle

Excellent service ,legitimate products ,absolutely quick and easy order
Staff are very helpful on line chat . excellent . I will buy again and again from them .TOP seller. Wickr: drugpharm

SCAM. I ordered 50 seeds received 35 willie nelson seeds. My order was 215 dollars. I received my seeds late and 4 of the London pounds germinated and 0 of the willie Nelson. I called the company and was told it’s my fault and how I germinated because they have never really had problems before. The young lady was so defensive as if this is something she normally does is argue with customers. I simply asked for a supervisor to understand what the anger was coming from and gain an understanding of why am I not allowed to ask why the seeds didn’t germinate. She explained the willie Nelson were free and for you to (see if you can get anything out of them) and the rest were all my fault. She then hung up and blocked my number?! SCAM SCAM SCAM. I am pissed. 215 WOW. I’m not sure if this is even a legitimate company at this point and who even has my card information. I feel so easy I’m canceling the card they used and would rather wait for a replacement. BE WARE

Excellent service ,legitimate products…

I intended to buy 10 autoflower's. It took a month to get my seeds, and there was a bag full when I got them. Out of 110 seeds, I got 12 females. They were supposed to be Alaskan thunderfuck*ck, but they turned out to be hemp seeds.

Cannabis seeds USA is legit! Web site was easy to navigate and order. I ordered Grandaddy purps and Triple Cherry Diesel. I received the GDP seeds within 3 days of order. Both seeds popped within 2 days and I have 2 healthy plants. The Triple Cherry Diesel took a little longer to get due to the federal government shutting down their web site. They phoned me and let me know what happened, and quickly got my order out from there. I was even given free Willie Nelson seeds with my order which was pretty kick ass. I see reviews with people talking crap about the free seeds, cause they won’t germinate. You people are a bunch of haters. How are you gonna give this company a bad review based on free seeds? I admit, only 2 of the 10 Willie Nelson seeds germinated, probably cause there old. But guess what, I have two Willie Nelson plants growing in my garden that I didn’t have to pay for. The seeds I did pay for germinated fast. So for all the haters in your boredom, find something else to hate on. You should be shaking this guys hand. Arizona just went legal, and this guy is a freaking pioneer in the Arizona Cannabis community. Thanks Cannabis Seeds USA for your hard work and perseverance, it could not have been easy to get to where you are now.

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