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twin cannabis seeds

Finally, that lingering scent of forest pine that hangs in the air after exhale comes from the sensibly named terpene pinene.

The flavours and aromas of this potent strain come from two very different directions, and this is repeated in the indica-dominant effects (with a touch of sativa). From one side comes a deep sense of relaxation that spreads through the whole body, while the other side of the coin brings a psychedelic euphoria that would make the grumpiest human giggle.

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Twins Strain Terpene Profile

Cannarado Genetics’ Twins cannabis seeds are sweet and sour, crystal-coated, indica-dominant hybrid masterpiece that offers a unique genetic profile and a rich variety of flavours. Easy to grow and high yielding, Twins seeds develop into beautiful looking plants that offer an impressively high THC content.

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The Sour Diesel like, fuel-abundant Twins aroma and flavour on the inhale, comes via the presence of caryophyllene a common cannabis terpene providing rich notes of spice and pepper that tickly the throat. Limonene gives that tingle of citrus fruit, especially on the exhale, with an extra sweet touch, reminiscent of Girl Scout Cookies, coming from myrcene. This terpene also provides a herbal aroma reminiscent of old school classics like Northern Lights and White Widow.

These high-quality cannabis seeds are the product of melding two seed bank favourites, Sour Dubble (Sour Diesel x Sour Bubble) and Birthday Cake (Cherry Pie x GSC, also known as Cherry Cookies).

A few days later after being transplanted to a new container, the plant is healthy and growing strong. At this point it's a little under 3 weeks from separation of its "twin" 🙂

In this case, I decided to kill the smaller sprout, but you can also gently and carefully separate the two seedlings and transplant one into a new home.

From this grower, “When I got the seed it looked really deformed.”

Examples of "twins" being born

When the leaves appeared, there were two distinct seedlings – you can see another tiny set of leaves behind the main sprout!

If you grow two seedlings together in one container, their roots will become entwined and one plant will usually dominate, stunting the other one. But if you give each plant their own home, they can both thrive!

When this seedling sprouted, it had two taproots coming from the same seed

We’ve been having trouble getting a consensus on the matter of polyembryony in cannabis. There is research in other plants such as oranges and mangos which show that a pair of twin, or polyembryonic seedlings from a single seed will prove to be 2 completely differing cultivars; one being of heterozygous lineage of the two parent plants and the other seedling will be a direct “clone” match of the mother plant. From my reading, I have found that It is used often for mango, citrus and other cultivars to get true to type fruits and plants, and I have also read online that this is true for cannabis.

From a second cannabis website:

From a third cannabis website:

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Hi CannaFish, from what I am reading about this phenomenon in seedlings it may very well depend on the variety and how the genetics have been stacking or selected over time up until the point that indiviudal seed is made. Sometimes it’s two seedlings called a duplet, others it may be a three (triplet) or more. Some publications, not specifically speaking of cannabis, mention that sometimes these multiple seedlings are exact copies of a parent plant while other times they differ from the parent plant but are identical to one another. Sometimes, one is different and another identical to the parent. It seems like there is a good bit of variability, but how that translates to cannabis I haven’t been able to find published literature on the subject yet apart from observations like yours and others across the various cannabis forums.

A new to me term I learned recently while planting mango seeds, polyembryonic. Supposedly these seedlings are exact replicas of the parent plant while other mango seedlings not displaying this expression have more random genetic recombinaions in the prognency.

Kryppler, you mention observing a male and female plant out of the twin seedling. When researching and reading around, it seems to be more common than not that when twin cannabis seedlings emerge one is male and one is female. How cool would it be if these are replicas of each parental input! A female copy and a male copy of the genetics. I wonder if there would be a chance for that happening in polyembryonic cannabis seedlings.

Some cannabis seeds can germinate two plants. Technically, this is a phenomenon known as polyembryony. This happens just as in the human species. In this case, however, one plant will be normal and one will be a clone of the mother. Like with human conjoined twins, you cannot separate these plants too early. They can be separated when they reach between 20-25cm in height. This phenomenon should not be confused with real “Siamese Twin” marijuana, which is a mutation in which two plants share the same root.