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tideal temp for germinating cannabis seeds

All hemp seeds have different germination times depending on the breeder. The longest take up to 14 days to germinate. Therefore, do not throw the seeds in the garbage after 2 – 3 days just because you don’t see any germs yet. But keep in mind that there are always seeds that just don’t want to germinate. It is a natural product.

Second variant:
In this variant, the cannabis seeds can germinate when they are directly in the water. Fill a glass with water and arrange it so that the temperature remains as even as possible. Ideal are about 24 degrees Celsius, so that the cannabis seeds can germinate. Change the water every day – or at least every other day, to keep it clean. But keep the temperature constant and do not touch the hemp seed if possible. Within five days, a small white root, which looks like a little worm, sticks out on the seed. If it is about three millimeters long, you can implement it in potting soil. Put the small root in the ground and let the seedhead just peep out of the ground a bit.

��� What we do not recommend to you is germinating the cannabis seeds in the soil. The germination rate is here up to 40% lower than with the method shown by us.

Germinating hemp seeds is not magic. We explain to you in 4 very simple steps how to do it.

At a minimum of 26 degrees, you then check daily whether the hemp seeds are still moist or whether they are already beginning to germinate.

Hemp seeds are a natural product
Since hemp seeds are a natural product, only then can you be sure that plants will grow from the seeds when the hemp seeds germinate. Before the seed is not to see whether it germinates well or is lazy inside. Only after the cannabis seeds germinate is it sure that he was healthy. Once the cannabis seeds germinate, you should place them in the place where they can grow well and thrive.

You need the following things: 2 plates, 2 pieces of kitchen paper, water

Step 2

What you need to know about growing in soil, how to buy the best soil product, organic additives, etc.

IMPORTANT: Don’t cover pots with plastic wrap, don’t use a humidity dome to seal off the pots, or place pots/rockwool cubes in a propagator that’s completely covered! This prevents fresh air exchange, raises humidity to excess levels, and easily facilitates the spread of fungus. The seeds will rot before they can germinate. Excess humidity combines with lack of oxygen is the #1 cause for poor germination results!

Please use high quality soil that is suitable for seedlings (see our SOIL GUIDE for more info), or use rockwool starter cubes for germinating seeds.

Portable cold frames are great for protecting germinating seeds or seedlings. They can be moved to the sunniest spots in your garden or carried indoor. This is a standard model with polythene and wooden frame. The adjustable lid let's you regulate heat and humidity.

Professional horticulturists rarely use pre-germination methods to actually grow out the seedlings because of the shock suffered from transplanting them. For example, we use the paper tissue method only as a quick test for germination rates of aged seed stock from our genetic repository. This allows us to see beforehand how many seeds we have to put in soil to get the amount of plants we require for breeding projects.

This does not mean that pre-soaking should never be used with seeds from other sources, or that we criticize growers who prefer this method. We are aware that some breeders recommend it for their products. But to prevent complications and achieve the consistent level of high germination rates that you should be getting from your Mandala seeds please trust our advice and follow our guidelines.

Step 3