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the vault cannabis seed store

This is the message that customers will see on the confirmation screen:

Very good , fast delivery only thing wrong was never got emailed when my items were sent ..

Excellent service

…and we’re not bullshitting when way say that either:

The Vault is not just a business it’s a movement in itself. We are advocators of the use of Medical Marijuana and we help spread the word and educate people wherever we can.

Check out our Facebook page and blog to see for yourself: There’s always something awesome going on at The Vault, all you have to do to grab a piece of the action is drop on by and hit us up!

DJ always gives the Best product details and always helps me out! Shout out to you DJ!! You Rock.

Some of our customers favorite hash oil concentrates: Altered State Wax True OG, SPP Regulators Wax Green Crack, Dabstract Gems N Juice Orange Cream and many more…

I have been here a few times now and the other day proved this place is amazing!

Customer Testimonials

I love this place. It’s my number one pick for weed shops. the people are friendly and helpful. they have a HUGE selection as always. never disappointed.

A few of our best selling strains: Chemdawg, UW Purp, Chocolope, Sunny G, Greatful Puff, Dirty Girl, Ghost Train Haze, Do Si Dos, Candy Land, Glueberry OG, Purple Punch…

I will definitely be back!

I come to this store every other week,an it has always been a great place,great choices,always in stock.but I was in there one day an noticed they had a bunch of new the gentleman that asked if i needed help.nick,i asked him to walk me through the new stuff,an that’s exactly what he did.he was very informative of the product,an how it’s grown an so forth.i believe everything that co es out of his mouth.every product I’ve asked him about he has given me an honest description of the product.i trust his word an he hasn’t been wrong since he has been so helpful I only go to the
Vault now,again only because of this man’s honesty,an just out right knowledge of the stuff he is selling…thank you nick d