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the brotherhood of eternal love cannabis seeds

Michael Randall was the best friend and right-hand-man of the Brotherhood’s founder, John Griggs. He was also the head of Operation Orange Sunshine, which flooded the United States with acid. Meanwhile, Carol Griggs, John’s wife (who died when the Brotherhood was still active), knew all the details about how the group arose. “The women did their part. They made everything legitimate. You wanted a woman in the car, not a bunch of suspicious-looking men,” says Carol in the film.

It was in Orange County, California, where one finds Laguna Beach, where the documentary’s director, William A. Kirkley, grew up hearing his elders tell stories about the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. They referred to the group as a “hippie sect.” At first he thought they were just stories, but when he got married his father-in-law mentioned that there were people who called themselves “brothers” who sure had interesting things to share. Spurred by curiosity, shortly after finishing his first film, in 2005, he began to investigate.

The voices of the defunct Brotherhood of Eternal Love appearing in the documentary explain that they were frustrated by the Vietnam War and, through their practices, felt they could eventually bring about positive social change. The former brothers explain the group’s beginnings and how, as the demand for narcotics grew, they went from experimenting to distributing LSD, in the space of just a few years.

History made film

However, the death of John Griggs in 1969, and many new members’ abandonment of the spiritual side of the group, as they came to focus solely on drug trafficking, would bring the brotherhood to an end. Thus, 1972 would mark the institution’s last year. The days of peace, love and LSD were over. The organisation became the target of a drug war instigated by President Richard Nixon. In August, dozens of members were arrested in California, Oregon, Maui and Afghanistan. After that its name and its tale of spirituality and LSD would fall into oblivion.

After years of contacting people, and getting minor members of the Brotherhood to talk to him, in 2013 two main figures featured in the documentary, Michael Randall and Carol Griggs, agreed to appear before the cameras. They had already talked to Kirkley, though there are no records of these talks, and had spent a lot of time together, but for years they had been reluctant to talk about their experiences on camera.

Gradually the group grew, as did its relationship to these substances, exponentially. From consumption they progressed to sale on an ever larger scale. Operating out of Laguna Beach, California, they established an LSD distribution network. The brotherhood did not hesitate to create its own brand of acid: Orange Sunshine, hence the name of the documentary telling their story. But that’s not the end of it. They continued to expand the scope of their contraband activities, taking hashish from Afghanistan to the US, and their tentacles also extended into Mexico.

Brothers Rick and Ron Bevan also appear in the documentary. Known for transporting more Afghan hashish than anyone at that time, when they were still just a couple of teenagers, and half of Americans had never even heard of Afghanistan, they talk about their experiences. Also important are statements by Wendy Bevan, who travelled from a commune in Michigan to acquire hashish from the brotherhood, and ended up marrying Ron and becoming a close friend of Carol’s.

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