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sweet tooth x gorilla glue cannabis seeds

Sweet Tooth Fem is the other parent of our topic strain is an indica dominant strain with a mixed bag of globe trotting parents. Afghani x Nepalese x Hawaiian all played a role. Giving it a THC content of nineteen percent, a strong flavor of fruit and flowers and aromas of sweet berries, flowers and tree fruit. It has a very strong sedative effect that tends to put smokers into an undisturbed sleep.

As with any high powered strain, over enjoyment can lead to increased paranoia or anxiety. Start low and go slow to avoid those and only experience the more common dry mouth and red eyes.

The cerebral effect of Sweet Tooth x Gorilla Glue is immediate from the first toke of a joint. The mind stops racing, breathing regulates and a sense of euphoric well being wraps smokers in a blanket of warm delight. Flowing down to the body it creates a warm, heavy limbed buzz that calls you to the couch. Once sitting down smokers truly realize the fantastic mix between cerebral and body effects of the strain. Keep some snacks and a cool drink on hand to avoid repeatedly forgotten trips to the fridge. As the high gently fades it leads smokers by the hand off to dreamland for a peaceful night’s sleep.

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Gorilla Glue is one half the parents of our topic strain and a legend on its own. These seeds are regular so cultivators must check for the sex of their growing plants and avoid unwanted male plants. That being said, this strain has a massive THC content up to twenty eight percent. It has a chocolate and coffee flavor with a sour cheese, diesel smell when smoked. The scent of Gorilla Glue is unmistakable and oh so enjoyable.

This strain is a lover of light. High pressure sodium lights with a wattage of six hundred or greater is advised. Current LED technology will work well, however, the wattage should go up to one thousand. Being photoperiod dependent means you will have to manually adjust your lighting times to trigger the flowering stage. This can easily be done with a cheap light timer. As it is fairly easy to grow and highly resistant to pests and disease, this strain ideal for novice growers to hone their skills. Make sure to water and feed regularly. Only minimal trimming is required as the foliage patterns of the strain aren’t all that dense, however, the occasional trim will aid in airflow and light penetration. Indoor cultivators can expect over a pound of fresh cannabis flowers after seven to nine weeks of flowering.

Sweet Tooth x Gorilla Glue Fem strain grows well in the outdoors and indoors. It loves the sun and can grow up to two meters outdoors in ideal conditions. Indoors, a powerful light is needed to get the most from these cannabis seeds. More on that later! The strain is naturally resistant to mold and mildew thanks to well spaced foliage that doesn’t require extensive trimming. As the plants mature through their flowering cycle, they can produce a significant odor. Growers who need to keep things discrete would be well advised to invest in a carbon filtration system. Healthy plants come from strong root systems too, by using large fabric sided growing pots the roots of your plants can really stretch out and not get bound. You’ll see the benefits of that come harvest time. Healthy, well cared for marijuana plants will reward you well later for the care you give them today.

Sweet Tooth x Gorilla Glue likes full sun from sunrise to sunset so plan your planting location accordingly. Ten or even twenty gallon fabric sided pots will help the roots of outdoor plants thrive or till a large area of ground for planting your marijuana seeds. Room to grow is key to healthy development of the seedling and vegetative state. A good quality organic fertilizer will nourish your plants with all the goodness they require to grow big and strong. Outdoor heights of this strain have the potential to reach up to two meters, when well cared for. Water regularly and trim when necessary to preserve airflow. When planting in late May this strain should be ready by mid September or early October. Well cared for plants will yield upwards of five hundred grams per plant.

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Plants are indica-shaped and attractive to look at as they develop. This strain really packs on buds, making use of every inch of space you give it. Sage-colored flowers are thick and dense and contrast nicely against dark-green water leaves. Deep purple tinges can also display in the tips of sugar leaves if you use cold temperatures to induce the build-up of anthocyanins.

Feminized Type

Plants are appealing to look at and smell great, but this is overshadowed by Super Sweet Tooth’s phenomenal taste. Rich and dessert-like, this strain is a deliciously satisfying smoke.

One of this strain’s biggest appeals is how easy it is to grow. Super Sweet Tooth is quite pest-resistant and fairly low maintenance. Plants reach heights of around 100-180cm, flowering in just 8-10 weeks if planted indoors. This strain grows well using the Sea Of Green method and provides yields of 400-500g/m2. Grown outdoors, plants can exceed two meters in height and provide significantly enhanced yields, with harvests ready in late September.

As such, this is a great medical strain. Super Sweet Tooth is commonly used to treat conditions such as glaucoma, arthritis, chronic pain, and migraines. It can also alleviate the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. At larger doses, its sedative nature comes to the fore, making it an effective sleep-aid. Consequently, Super Sweet Tooth is an ideal strain for evening use.

Sweet Tooth x Gorilla Glue is a hybrid strain with a legendary heritage of this magnificent quality strain.

With long, strong tails that are capable of supporting themselves, those compact buds full of resinous trichome.
During flowering we must carry out the pruning process, to aerate the areas of possible pests or mold.


Sweet Tooth x Gorilla Glue is a hybrid strain with a legendary heritage of this magnificent quality strain. It is beloved for its sweet smell and balanced high, benefiting both recreational users and medical practitioners.

Sweet Tooth x Gorilla Glue is a high-quality plant that can reach 1.60 meters in height and combines the best qualities of its parents. The almost perfect division between its Indica and Sativa properties is evident in the plant itself.

The hybrid was created to reflect the properties of the Gorilla Glue varieties. With it comes a hardy nature, prolific trichome production, and the ability to produce impressive yields.