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sweet tooth cannabis seeds

Branches will need supporting in the final weeks of flowering. SWEET TOOTH #1™ produces a hardy mould resistant plant and will adapt to extreme conditions making it easily accessible to all levels of grow.The sweet grapefruit flavours of SWEET TOOTH #1™ delight both connoisseur and novice growers and a must have for collectors.

SWEET TOOTH #1™ took the world by storm in the early 2000’s, winning three successive Cannabis Cups. Acclaimed for its intense sweet grapefruit flavour and excellent production the SWEET TOOTH #1™ strain grows compact and is fast flowering, producing a tremendous yield of highly potent buds, dripping with enormous resin content.

SWEET TOOTH #1™ Cannabis Seeds

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Content for people of 18 years of age or older, entering is reserved for people at the age of majority. In the Netherlands, the age of majority is 18 years old, check your local laws and respect them. We dispatch our marijuana seeds with the reservation that they will not be used in conflict with national laws. Customers must be aware that cannabis seeds are illegal in some countries. Barneys Farm provides these seeds on condition that they will not be taken to countries where they are illegal. Those doing so are solely responsible for their own actions and Barney’s Farm accepts no responsibility in this regard. Our online store complies with Netherlands law. Seeds are sold strictly for souvenirs, storage and genetic preservation. General legal notice: Germination is illegal in most countries, please check your country's law regarding seeds, paraphernalia and other products related with Cannabis culture.

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As for stability, Barney’s rates Sweet Tooth at about 90% and the seeds have a very reliable rate of germination. The seedlings quickly take on recognizable indica characteristics and the plants grow to a medium-tall height with hardy side branches.

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As the plant matures it becomes more and more tempting. Fortunately, the wait is not terribly long. The buds fully mature in 8 weeks and are even better after 9.

The plant literally shimmers with THC crystals and presents an abundance of buds. Those buds grow big and fat with an abundant supply of sticky resin. It is easy to think that Sweet Tooth is literally sprinkled with sugar, hence the name.

Barney’s Farm Sweet Tooth is a relatively new addition to the family. It is a 3-way cross indica/sativa made by crossing an Afghani x Nepalese Hash with a Hawaiian sativa and has all the best traits of its parent strains.

THC concentrations can be very high, providing a hazy, head-filling effect with a sweet flavour that lives up to its name.

The yield of Sweet Tooth is very impressive and its taste and aroma are both sweet and potent. It expresses all the best parts of its nature providing a clear, easy-going high on the sativa side while still packing a good stone punch on the indica side.

We’ll keep you informed of any developments.

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Sweet Tooth cannabis seeds by Barney’s Farm belong to a feminised Indica-dominant cannabis strain derived from the cross of three strains from Hawaii, Afghanistan and Nepal. The result is an easy-to-grow and heavy-yielding hybrid with a really high THC content.

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