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At Sunset Lake CBD, we pride ourselves on our ability to grow high quality hemp and provide Vermont grown CBD products that everyone can enjoy. Sunset CBD Oil I always buy the Pain Relief 500 CBD cream as my family all use it. It is an instant muscle and pain rub. It is remarkable how it takes the pain and discomfort away. My elderly

Farm to Table CBD

Our products are sourced directly from our farm. No middle-men, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

No pesticides, ever

Third party tested

Good for you, kind to the planet

Enjoy a calm feeling without the high
This CBD goes straight from the farm to you
Preserving the land for future generations

Find your new
moment of calm

From our customers

“I was expecting a decent coffee and to see a little oil on the top when I brewed it (this always happens when I put cbd oils into my coffee since it’s an oil). Boy was I surprised how good the coffee was! Not only is it delicious coffee but I get the benefits of my cup o’ joe having CBD in it? Yes please! Couldn’t recommend enough, will definitely be buying more once my supply runs out.”

Billy R. | Bought CBD Tincture

“My wife and I are runners. We rely on the salve to fight inflammation and promote recovery in our legs. My mom also relies on the salve to reduce the pain she has from needing a hip replacement. This product is effective and we rely heavily on it in our daily routines. We recommend it without question.”

Tristan D. | Bought CBD Salve

“WORKS GREAT! My dogs ( 13 and 16) are brats and don’t like when I administer it right in their mouths. I am going to try to add it to their favorite foods to see if that is easier, otherwise they will get it straight! :-)”

Connie A. | Bought Pet CBD Tincture

“Bought these for my wife. She has had trouble staying asleep all night but not now. She loves the flavors and says she sleeps very well and with vivid dreams.”

Craig T. | Bought CBD Gummies

“I use this product daily. I love it. It goes great in coffee or tea for stressful mornings or sleepless nights.”

Amber L | Bought 1,500mg CBD Tincture

“It works!! I have tried other companies and this CBD oil does exactly what I needed it to do. It definitely has helped with my sleeping. I feel comfortable using when it comes from a company that I can trust. Thank you.”

F W | Bought 3,000mg CBD Tincture

Sunset CBD Oil

I always buy the Pain Relief 500 CBD cream as my family all use it. It is an instant muscle and pain rub. It is remarkable how it takes the pain and discomfort away. My elderly Mom never goes to bed without using it on her legs. It helps next day when she walks around.

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I give it a 10 it really works. And I like the smell too. I’m a diabetic and my feet really hurt bad and I can’t sleep . I put it on before I go to bed on my feet and then I put socks on and sleep and I have no pain. And then in the morning I put it again on just to have a good day.

It works good for what I ordered it for. Which was to take the edge off of this nerve pain. It has a soothing smell and I love consistency of the cream very light and creamy. Love the cooling effect it has. For sure will be ordering more.

I bought this for mom who has chronic neck pain from an injury, and almost nothing really helps. Well, she actually wasn’t open to trying anything with CBD in it. But I bought this for her anyway. She actually likes it. She says it has more of the camphor in it than even Professional grade bio freeze, which is the only thing that has helped. So if you have pain, it’s definitely worth trying this:)

Amazing product I just bought 2 more I plan on buying more when these run out. I got my sister to use it when she hurt her back, and she buys it . I got my mother to use it on her arthritic body and she loves it. I use it on my arthritic knee and fingers and sore muscles and occasionally my headaches. Amazing product!