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strawberry cheese cannabis seeds

Strawberry Cheese Auto flower version blends a delicious fragrance with a flavor of berries that it acquires from its Strawberry genotype and its Cheese genes with an effect such as productivity, great potential, and huge resin production. Strawberry Cheese Auto flower is an easy-to-grow plant that only demands usual care; beginners may also try to grow this plant. It is ideal for growing indoors as it just grows into a compact size with strong branches that do not need any support even if its colas start to ripen.

Strawberry Cheese Autoflower Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with high THC at 21 percent. It is a small strain, only 50 to 90 cm tall but can produce up to 500 grams per square meter indoors and up to 170 grams per plant outdoors. It is a late bloomer, but when it does, you can get berry, cheese, sweet and strawberry-flavored buds.

Indoor grown plants usually reach at least 90 centimeters with an average yield of as high as 450 grams each square meter. Additionally, as it starts its germination period, try your best to keep it from anything that could possibly harm it as it has only 11 weeks lifespan, so when any difficulties occur, it does not have enough time to recover. This auto-flowering variety definitely knows how to make someone impress due to its pungent hashy aroma that is carried with a combination of a strawberry and sour aftertaste of blue cheese.

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Unique Nighttime Treat

Combining the powerful effects of its parents, this auto flower variety came to existence that calmly forces sweeps all over the body to achieve a full-body relaxation feeling. More importantly, growing this auto-flowering version of a Strawberry Cheese is a great chance to earn a big profit without any challenging efforts that are sometimes faced by a cannabis cultivator.

This plant reaches moderate heights of 50 to 90 cm in a growth room and 60 to 130 cm in the outdoor area, as it is highly branched. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor growing and can produce many large and resinous buds in just 70-80 days, equivalent to 350-450 g. Per square meter in a growroom. In the garden you can get better results if you grow it from April to November.

Strawberry Cheese Car is an automatic strain of Seeds66. It is a cross between Strawberry, Cheese and Ruderalis.

Strawberry Cheese Car is also highly appreciated for medical applications. Let yourself be carried away by the irresistible berry taste and deep body stoned.

Characteristics of Cheese Berry Car:

Auto Strawberrry Cheese is a plant that combines the delicious aroma and taste of berries inherited from the Strawberry genes with the productivity, potency, and resin production ability of the Cheese genes in an automatic version.

Inside Outside
Genotype 100% autoflowering with Indica dominance
THC: 21%
CBD: not specified
Genetics: Cheese x Strawberry x Ruderalis
Full cycle: 70 – 80 days
Plantation: April to October
Medium size: 75-150 cm
Production: Indoor: 450-500 g / m2 Outdoor: 50-170 g / plant