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Dying Breed’s Parker said GAK grows well indoors, outdoors, and in a greenhouse. “She’s a very large-producing, fast-finishing hash plant. The flowers look like a glistening disco ball of resin and its main flavors are pineapple, watermelon, and strawberry puree. We’re calling it #thenewfruit. We have a jar right here in the car, so I can open it up and smell those terpenes and put them in the air. It smells that good, and it’s what I pride myself on.”

Award-winning hash comes from terpy, icy-looking buds; the more unique-smelling, the better. That’s what you’re dialing up when you run GAK. Its lineage is not public, but there’s GAK Nana (GAK x Banana Pudding), GAK Smooovie (G.A.K. x 4 Locoz), and GAK Gas (GAK X OG Eddy), for when you’re ready to get out of the Prius and into a Maserati.

CBD it up

Some consumers pine for old school landrace genetics. They reminisce about Acapulco Gold or Thai bud. Luckily, the Bay Area, CA, is home to decades of cannabis landrace explorers, and a lot of that stuff is surfacing post-Prop. 64.

See also: Cannarado Birthday Banger; Elev8 Seeds’ Gelato Sundae, Giscotti, or Sundae Punch.

For 2020, our money is on Dying Breed Seeds’ 2020 GAK crosses. Dying Breed keeps winning hash awards at the Emerald Cup, and their secret is great source material.

Phenotypes: There are slight variations in the phenotypes. Typically Sativa in growth patterns with long skinny leaves, and the ability to stretch. The leaves are mostly olive green and jagged in shape providing a base for lime-green flowers that have orange hairs and are coated in bright white crystal -like trichomes.

High Type: This uplifting strain hits fast and hard in both the head and body. It creates a happy and inspiring effect while paralleling a full body relaxation. Creativity flourishes while enhancing a physical comfortability. Perfect for treating conditions such as headaches, pms, appetite loss, depression and chronic pain.

Taste: She dispalys sweet minty, vanilla and peppery flavor notes amid spicy, dank mocha and earthy undertones.
Approx 23% THC

From the jungles of Africa to Asia to the mountain ranges of South America, the Strain Hunters are on a mission to bring back the most important and isolated cannabis landraces known to man.

Over the past 34 years the Strain Hunters have collected some of the most unique and rare genetics from landraces all over the world and the hunt is still on!!

You can see what it takes to be a Strain Hunter below by watching our newest documentary from the Congo.