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stealth cannabis seeds

Guerrilla cannabis seeds is the name given to tough, low-maintenance outdoor cannabis seeds. A cannabis guerrilla grow, by definition has to be hardy enough to cope for long periods without any human assistance. In fact, the best guerrilla grow strains will only require the grower to prepare a sheltered, sunny location. All you need to do is ensure the soil is moist and nutritious and safe from grazing animals, dog walkers etc.

The best strains for stealth grows are typically tough and resilient to difficult outdoor weather. They won’t require any special maintenance, nutrients or supervision. For some growers, the best stealth grow strain may be a short/squat variety which is easy to hide and won’t be too easy to see.

What does guerrilla or stealth cannabis mean?

Once you have found your outdoor guerrilla cannabis grow location it can supply your cannabis needs for several years to come. All you need are a few tough, resilient outdoor cannabis guerrilla strains and you can look forward to some tasty outdoor grown buds in the coming outdoor grow season!

In all cases, top stealth cannabis growing comes when your plants are able to cope with long periods of unsupervised growth and still deliver top quality buds when you arrive to harvest them.

A stealth cannabis strain is one which can be grown discreetly. Stealth cannabis seeds may have an unrecognisable leaf shape such as Frisian Duck or Auto Frisian Duck. These are two of the best stealth weed strains. The leaves don’t have the traditional, iconic and instantly recognisable marijuana leaf shape. Instead the fingers of the leaves are joined (or webbed) together similar to the shape of a ducks foot print.

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Acclaimed for its unique kind of high and sweet floral aroma and flavor, smoking Sweet Tooth is a delightful way to get high. The Indica plant grows compact and is fast flowering. When grown indoors, the plant does not grow any bigger than 3.5 feet in height. It gives off the sweet smell of berries while growing. This strain should be on your list if you want a potent plant with good yield and great smoke that is also easy to grow.

Northern Lights needs little introduction. Smokers around the world are captivated by its potent Indica effects and incredible flavor profile. Not only is it one of the most famous and well-loved strains; it is also one of the best options to grow stealthily. It emits very little odor; your nosy neighbor would never be able to smell it. This plant also won’t take up too much space, reaching a height of about 4 feet.

Purple Kush makes for a colorful and stubby addition to your garden. Its purple leaves, bright orange pistils and thin white hairs are a sight to behold. With a height of just 2.5 feet and a compact stature, growing stealthily is possible. This heavy-hitting Indica also happens to be one of the 10 most powerful strains in the world.

Sweet Tooth

If discretion is a concern when you grow cannabis, autoflower strains are your best bet. Here are some cannabis strains that don’t attract the wrong kind of attention.

The effects of this strain are from the imagery of its animal namesake. Great White Shark is also known as Peacemaker or simply White Shark. Smokers can expect a heavy, lasting and deep body stone effect, while growers can expect a small, fast flowering plant with buds thickly coated with white crystal trichomes. The dense buds stay fresh for quite some time.

Yes, you're reading it right. This strain’s name is Motavation and in no way will it leave you feeling motivated. It almost always locks smokers to the couch in a blissful, relaxed state. With a height of 2.5 feet, growing it in limited spaces such as tents and cupboards isn’t a problem. The plant also grows sturdily regardless of the growing methods applied to it.

Black Jack autoflower is another great option for stealth growing because of its small stature and quick flowering time. It only grows up to 3 feet in height but produces a hefty yield. The buds appear to be almost bite-sized. Black Jack is a variety of Jack Herer and, thus, shares many of its wonderful effects. If picking a strain to grow is a gamble, you know you picked a winner if you chose Black Jack.