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stealth cannabis seed

The best guerrilla grow strains will grow from seed to harvest with no human intervention. This is ideal if you are growing cannabis in the countryside, in the hills/mountains or somewhere that you won’t visit very often.

The best strains for stealth grows are typically tough and resilient to difficult outdoor weather. They won’t require any special maintenance, nutrients or supervision. For some growers, the best stealth grow strain may be a short/squat variety which is easy to hide and won’t be too easy to see.

What does guerrilla or stealth cannabis mean?

Once you have found your outdoor guerrilla cannabis grow location it can supply your cannabis needs for several years to come. All you need are a few tough, resilient outdoor cannabis guerrilla strains and you can look forward to some tasty outdoor grown buds in the coming outdoor grow season!

Frisian Duck outdoor feminised seeds (and Auto Duck autoflower seeds) are unique in the cannabis world for the webbed leaf shape. It’s one of the best stealth strain marijuana plants that you can grow. Guerrilla cannabis growing is easier when you have a stealth cannabis strain which isn’t instantly recognisable as weed.

Guerrilla growing is the name given to outdoor cannabis cultivation in a hidden location. Not everyone can grow indoors, or in a back garden. Growing your outdoor cannabis seeds in a secret, hidden and unexpected location maximises the chance of a successful harvest.

Northern Lights needs little introduction. Smokers around the world are captivated by its potent Indica effects and incredible flavor profile. Not only is it one of the most famous and well-loved strains; it is also one of the best options to grow stealthily. It emits very little odor; your nosy neighbor would never be able to smell it. This plant also won’t take up too much space, reaching a height of about 4 feet.

Yes, you're reading it right. This strain’s name is Motavation and in no way will it leave you feeling motivated. It almost always locks smokers to the couch in a blissful, relaxed state. With a height of 2.5 feet, growing it in limited spaces such as tents and cupboards isn’t a problem. The plant also grows sturdily regardless of the growing methods applied to it.

Purple Kush

If you are looking for a quick, trouble-free grow with small plant height, you’ve just found it. Many have referred to Dwarf Low Flyer as a bonsai-like autoflower. The plant grows just under 2 feet but brings in high yields at harvest in just six weeks. This specialty strain, which delivers a sweet and smooth buzz, is perfect for growing in inconspicuously small spaces.

Black Jack autoflower is another great option for stealth growing because of its small stature and quick flowering time. It only grows up to 3 feet in height but produces a hefty yield. The buds appear to be almost bite-sized. Black Jack is a variety of Jack Herer and, thus, shares many of its wonderful effects. If picking a strain to grow is a gamble, you know you picked a winner if you chose Black Jack.

If discretion is a concern when you grow cannabis, autoflower strains are your best bet. Here are some cannabis strains that don’t attract the wrong kind of attention.