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starting cannabis seeds in rapid rooters

The seeds cracked so I placed them in damp paper towel in an enclosed tupperware bin. The tails haven’t showed yet (could they be dead) It has been two days.

Rooters/plant plugs are awesome for cuttings, but for Cannabis seeds it only seems like a slight step up from paper towels to me.

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Okay so I placed my seeds in water until they sank, but I also turned on a heater on the containers to get them hot (no heating pad).. the water got pretty hot for about an hour. Could that have been bad for the seed first off/killed them.

I placed them in small rapid rooter plugs (dunked them in 6.0ph water then rang them out) and put a small humidity dome over the top.

Is this going to work?

Gently place the germinated seed inside, root down. Place the seed close to the surface so it doesn’t have far to go.

Here’s a picture showing several healthy and viable cannabis seeds

1.) Get Cannabis Seeds

Your seedlings get a little extra oxygen if you let the Rapid Rooter stick up into the air slightly as opposed to burying it.

Two Main Goals

After you see your first root, it’s time to…

I give it a really low dose of nutrients like .5 ml per gallon of bloom nutes for first 7 days of seedling, then switch to grow ( veg) nutes. 2ml per gallon of cyco flower grow a and b when growing in coco for next 10 days or so then up it some more as they get bigger.
Just start out really low and work way up with some of the nutes out there.
Or you can use a roots accelerator. I just use bloom nutes cause it acts the same way.

By following the simple steps listed above it should guarantee you success. The next time you germinate those marijuana seeds.

You will also require a container to store the soil. I like the air pots, what I do is make my own out of Landscape fabric.

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Optional Hydrogen peroxide. A small amount of Hydrogen peroxide adds to the cup of water for germinating.

You are not home free from here. You have to deal with:

Yes if it has sprouted, then plant the seed.

In this guide you will learn all you need for success at sprouting your seeds.