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starting cannabis seeds in aerogarden

Potassium contributes to your plants’ early growth and development, as well as its water retention until it matures further for a few more weeks. It also helps them to fight diseases and harmful insect intervention.

On the other hand, Autoflowering Marijuana strains are the plants that automatically switch from vegetation to flowering cycle, without any gap in the process of growing. These plants begin to flower when it reached a part of the development with no window time to wait, unlike their regular counterparts. These plants, however, share the similarities with regular seeds, about where can they exist and grow, how are they going to be cultivated and how they should be harvested

Your aerogarden will consume low electric consumption while giving off the most suitable light content for your plants. These lights will work up to 12 hours a day, from your plant’s Day 1 onwards. Remember that the low electric consumption translates to a lesser electric bill.

The Seed Plugs

Calcium is responsible for the growth and development of cell walls of our strains. If well-developed, the cell walls of your plants will effectively combat the diseases it has to suppress and is necessary for the biological metabolism and nitrate uptake of your plant.

Now that you have known the parts of an aerogarden, you should prepare yourself in choosing the plant which you can use on it.

The medium of this nutrition is the water. It is the universal solvent that can penetrate the permeable yet unique structure of the soils. From these soils, the roots of a plant will filter the presence of liquid nutrition through its internal structure that easily filters everything and is absorbed by the entirety of the plant. Your formulation for the soluble food must be made up of 13 minerals and nutrients, 6 of which are major components and needs to be taken in large servings.

This artificial light from the aerogarden offers the activation of the seeds’ germination until it matures and starts to do photosynthesis. Unlike the LED lights set for your indoor garden, this light of aerogarden automatically switches on and off, depending on the time that was set for your plant. This unique time limit has been added to ensure that your seeds will grow effectively despite its indoor setting.

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if by a chance still your plant "flips" just be carefull and remove it in the dark and flip it around.


I think i had to do that with every plant. With one, I even took the whole germed seed out the sponge, peeled the rest of the seed shell off myself, accidently dropped the seedling on the floor, and it just so happens to be the biggest plant in my AG right now. Plants are weird creatures.

check your lights. So far my ag has worked fine.
when it comes to germn. i just take the seeds and drop them in only a cm down in the sponge. i put the ag on germ mode and let it do its thing. a few days later ull be gold.

dont do what i did though, just tuck em in, and read em a bedtime story

Botanicare Hydroguard® is well known for their unique beneficial bacteria that help to increase root mass and health.

Key takeaway: Feminized seeds give more control to the experienced grower while autoflower seeds grow faster and are suitable for beginner grower.

3.1 Required

If you’re using distilled water, you will need to add a Cal-Mag solution to your water as they are essential secondary nutrients for healthy plant growth.

Take two grow sponges and baskets, then place the seeds into the small holes. Be sure seeds are not falling too deep, (1/2” would be awesome). Cover the two pods with the provided transparent domes and put duct tape over the remaining pod holes.

Important: don’t use the provided plant food that comes with the AeroGarden™. This will not work, and you will lose your time and seeds.