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spanish seed cannabis

They are the best legal option for you to acquire seeds with the best value for money, whether you need special levels of THC or CBD, or require specific flowering times.

Among the varieties they have for sale, we can highlight the high levels of THCV and CBDV in seeds such as La Rica and Llimonet Haze that make them very appealing to their customers.

Their genetic experience has led them to obtain excellent quality marijuana for all kinds of clients, thus fulfilling the expectations of those seeking new smells and stronger experiences.

Medical Seeds

Factors such as seed certification give us a very good guarantee that we are buying genetic material that we can trust and invest without risking our money.

In Elite Seeds they haven’t forgotten to function as a platform to promulgate improvements in the process of legalization of cannabis in Spain, tearing down stigmas around the issue.

The organoleptic properties that we can obtain in varieties like The Alchemist are high range, in addition to the flowering time being relatively short in relation to similar ones.

In the same way, all the Spanish banks that we’ve named also offer a first class service, which is making Spain a worldwide reference in the production of unique and exceptional quality cannabis seeds.

All our seeds are grown organically, selected by hand and regularly tested to check the quality and germination rates.

You can find classic strains like:

Our Barcelona shop will be specializing in offering growers our first-rate quality Royal Queen Seeds brand cannabis seeds along with various Royal Queen Seeds merchandise and accessories.

After the hugely successful launch of our seeds store in the heart of Amsterdam, Royal Queen Seeds is now opening a shop in Barcelona, Spain.

Alongside other world famous strains such as:

Take advantage of some of the world’s best genetics with the top seeds by Royal Queen Seeds that already won many prizes over the years, including the well-known Highlife Cup and the High Times Cannabis Cup.

As one of the fastest-growing cannabis seeds companies in Europe, Royal Queen Seeds is well on the way to become a worldwide market leader. With our new store in Barcelona, Royal Queen Seeds will be present right at the heart of Europe’s cannabis culture!

The founder of Sensi Seeds, Ben Dronkers, grew their own marijuana plants since 1975 to get the best varieties with the best quality. A dedication that gradually became the profession of gathering and collecting seed varieties from around the world. On his trips to Afghanistan, and countries with

We are proud to present to you the Bulk Seeds company in our catalogue. One of the biggest and most important seed banks in Europe, especially Spain. The Bulk Seeds team is made up of professionals from all over the world dedicated to selecting and breeding IBL strains which are already well kno

A.C.E. Seeds is a group of breeders and cannabis lovers dedicated to the preservation and study of this wonderful plant. Our planet is suffering a constant lost of genetic diversity and Cannabis is not an exception. It is our responsibility to save all these unique forms of life, and to maintain

This marijuana seed bank is breeding female varieties of better quality since the late 80s. His worldwide fame is deserved by sophisticated products it offers, and great scientific knowledge that has given the world. They provide high quality seeds with a tested genetic and high probability of s

If the spanish medicine is recognized internationally it expected that a seed bank marijuana for medicinal use with Spanish seal has great international success. And that’s this, Medical Seeds, has become one of the most important banks concerning of medicinal cannabis use with Spanish seal

Philosopher Seeds is an artisanal seed bank that was finally established in 2008 after many years of genetic research. Linked to the very famous spanish grow shop Alchimia, based in Girona, they had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the biggest seed banks like Reggae Seeds and obtain s

This marijuana seed bank is simply different. Its creators have based his nomenclature strains and his corporate brand image in ancient Egypt and They taken it to the extreme of creating varieties that transport you to the very tomb of Tutankhamun. His team works every day growers with the aim of