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some of my cannabis seeds are bigger than others

As most of the cannabis varieties that are currently on the market are polyhybrids, the size of the seeds can vary depending on their genetic line.

So in this case, an increase in size could be a direct indicator of this addition of calcium and magnesium, which is carried out in order to alleviate that macronutrient deficiency during growth. This has no impact on the plant’s potential for germination, growth, flowering, or yield, nor on the development of the organoleptic properties of the buds (aroma, flavour and effect).

The size of cannabis seeds

This could be compared to a newborn whose physical appearance quickly evolves during their first few days of life in order to adapt to the completely new outside environment.

Critical + is a clear example that colour, contrary to what many growers believe, is not necessarily a quality indicator: these undeniably high-quality seeds exhibit a very light grey, almost whitish grey, to a medium grey colour.

Another aspect that can be misleading is the fact that a ripe, freshly-harvested cannabis seed has a brighter and darker colour than after it’s been packaged for 1 to 2 months.

There are 4 pots. 3 little clay ones and 1 (approx). 2liter plastic one.

All the seeds sprouted together about 2 weeks ago.

At 1" tall, they’re probably not going to like being transplanted. water them only when DRY so I don’t overwater. They’re green and not droopy. just small and SLOW

The 2 liter pot has 2 plants in it which are about 10 times larger than the ones in the clay pots. They have their 5-spoke-leaves coming in, are about 3-4 inches tall. and bushy!

So why are the ones in the bigger pot growing SO much faster than the ones in the little pots?