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skunk x mazar cannabis seeds

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Dutch Passion

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Mazar has a really pronounced flavour and aroma, with notes of citrus, pine wood and soil. The typically Indica effect it provides is deeply relaxing.

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Skunk Mazar has a high THC level, so exercise caution when consuming to keep the effects manageable. The common and inevitable side effects like dryness of the eyes and mouth can be handled through proper hydration, avoiding caffeinated beverages, and using artificial tears. These responses are usual with any cannabis strain.

There are two essential factors to consider: temperature and relative humidity (RH). The relative humidity is defined as the amount of moisture present in the air. Since the plants are bunched together, they tend to create thick foliage, which can trap moisture. This potentially makes the room warmer.

Finally, once all the discomforts, pains, and stress have been dealt with, it will eventually lead to a relaxing sleep. This sedation makes it a useful sleeping aid for those who are troubled by disrupted sleeping patterns or insomnia.

Adverse Reactions

Skunk Mazar will take you on a spiritual journey that is often described as trippy and kaleidoscopic. The strong cerebral high makes colors more vivid and sounds sharper, with pleasant physical sensations that will put you under a euphoric spell.

Although it is predominantly a Sativa, it delivers a relaxing body buzz that evens out the mental effects. As the stimulation kicks in, you will experience an extreme calmness and tranquility that melts away stress and fatigue. As the minutes pass, you will find yourself locked in a deep feeling of lethargy, making you want to sit down and chill for a while. This is why this strain is an excellent ending for a long and tiring day.

Skunk Mazar Fem has Indica and Sativa composition in almost equal percentages. However, the growing characteristics are very Indica. These feminized seeds develop into small shrubs, making them ideal for grow spaces of any size. The plant is resistant to molds, pests, and diseases; thus, it’s a great option for beginners to cultivate their own stash.

This strain can grow well indoors or outdoors. Nevertheless, to get the most yield, you can cultivate the plant in a more controlled environment, like a greenhouse. For optimum results, use nutrient-rich organic soil as a growing medium or utilize hydroponics to transport micronutrients directly to the roots. Either way has its own advantages.

The Pure Afghan is an exclusive landrace from the Mazar I Sharif region of Afghanistan. This is one of the only DNA Genetics strains that is bred outside of Holland and are from a fresh seed stock. A rare and rewarding high for the proud cannabis connoisseur.

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

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MAZAR | afghan x skunk

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