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sirius black cannabis seeds

Sirius Black feminized seeds evolve into a superior weed plant where the CBD level is 0.05% and the THC 25%. Sirius Black has been derived from Sirius Black. This plant leans mostly towards Indica with a percentage of 70% and this weed strain will thrive very well in temperate, Mediterranean, and arid climates. This cannabis strain is suitable for SOG and SCROG growing methods.

The grow difficulty of the Sirius Black plant is: moderate, this cannabis specie has a medium mold resistance and an average flowering time of 63 days to 70 days (9 weeks to 10 weeks). Growing this brilliant strain indoors, it will reach a height of 70 cm to 80 cm and it will yield up to 350 gram per square meter. Growing it outdoors, the Sirius Black plant height lies between 120 cm to 150 cm and the cannabis plant will yield 500 gram/m2 to 650 gram/m2. The weed of the Sirius Black weighty buds has the following taste which can be best described as berry, citrus, earthy and fruity. The effects when consuming the Sirius Black are by many considered as following: calming, creative, euphoric, happy and relaxed.

Deep purple-hued flowers characterize Sirius Black marijuana, a color directly contrasted by the twisted yellow pistils and bright green leaves that encircle the dense buds. Aromatically sweet with notes of grape and berry, Sirius Black is a smooth smoke that is thick and floral when exhaled. The uplifting cerebral high of Sirius Black empowers creativity, reduces stress and depression, and helps to control pain, seizures, and inflammation.

What makes Sirius Black marijuana so enticing? Maybe it’s the striking colorway, its potent THC content (it tops out at a magical 25%), or the fact that it was named in honor of the shape-shifting magician of Harry Potter fame. Whatever the reason, Sirius Black is an impressive strain with major potential.

Named in honor of a beloved fictional magician, Sirius Black marijuana will work magic on stress and pain with a delicious flavor and impressive deeply-hued foliage.


Good news for beginner growers – Sirius Black marijuana seeds come by their deep color honestly: it is purported they do not require the standard “cold shock” treatment in order to maximize these brilliant hues, and climates typical of indica dominant strains will suit Sirius Black just fine. Of course, if you prefer indoor gardening, you can expect it to thrive regardless.

This Sirius Black strain has the indica dominant variety with a THC level of 19 percent. The CBD level is 1 percent average. Sirius Black is known by the acronym of Ssb and has a levels of 30% sativa and 70% sativa genes. Grow Sirius Black seeds and it will result into a stunning cannabis plant with nice buds. Germinate the Sirius Black seeds and grow it into a nice cannbis plant, with a regular flowering time to be ready.

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Sirius Black feminized seeds

Undeniably beautiful strain in person! It is solid purple/black throughout the buds with the stems even being a deep purple. Truly a sight to see! Smokes nice & smooth as well. If you ever see it at a dispo be sure to grab at least a gram to hang on to as it always sells out within a day or two in my experience.

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