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siberian snow cannabis seeds

Siberian Snow (fem) is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that’s known for its bountiful yields and a variety of fantastic aromas and scents. This strain was created out of the union of two very prominent strains: a mind-bending AK-47 and legendary White Widow strains.

Siberian Snow is a feminized strain, and thus, you can rest assured that you’ll grow all female plants. You can save money and effort when you grow only females. Siberian Snow prefers warm and sunny environments but may also tolerate colder temperatures.


Siberian Snow is a feminized indica-dominant cannabis strain with high yields and has amazing aromas. You can get as much as 19% THC from its flavorful buds. When it comes to yields, expect very high weed per plant when you cultivate it outdoors. It is a strain that loves colder climates and will thrive well here as well.

Every bud will have high THC from 12 to 19%. Plants will grow large and flat leaves with moss-green nuggs and dark-orange pistils coming out of the buds. Flowering time will take 50 to 65 days indoors while flowering is during mid-October with moderate to high yields as long as you follow Siberian Snow’s many growing needs. You may use stress training, trimming, and pruning to help your plants develop more yields.

World’s Best-Kept Secret

The intensifying high would then result in a full-blown couch-lock experience making this one of the most satisfying weed to smoke. Apart from its effective side effects, many are blown away by its healing properties. Sleep and wellness are the two main focuses of this weed. Users who toke this Indica leaning strain will have plenty of time to rest; thus, productivity is at its peak during work hours.

Additional Information

Siberian Snow Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a beautiful all-female indica-dominant cannabis strain with high THC at 19 percent. It is a small strain with high yields and will bloom early at just 8 to 10 weeks. It is an earthy, flowery, sweet, and woody-flavored strain with euphoric, sleepy, relaxing, and uplifting effects.

Siberian Snow pulls off an impressive feat that not many other Indica dominant strains can do. With its release, it has remained hidden in the world and has been under the shadows of many world-famous hits like OG Kush and others. This does not mean that this weed has low quality. It is one of the world’s best-kept cannabis secrets. This Indica leaning plant can throw people off with its overpowering high and heightening of the senses. Such cerebral stimulation can be overwhelming for beginners; hence it is relatively reserved for seasoned users.

This compact plant is a joy to grow outdoors. With feminized seeds currently available for purchase, beginners can easily grow this weed even in their backyard.

The cultivation of Siberian Snow is quite manageable. With the ability to endure cold climates, the plant can thrive both indoors and outdoors. Growers are also fascinated with their high yields. When placed in indoor settings, the plant will produce flowers for 50 to 65 days. The harvest period comes once the plant reaches its full maturity.

Gar – February 2, 2021

More About Siberian Snow (fem)

However, when placed in outdoor settings, the harvest will normally fall mid in October if the cultivation was done at the right time. It can also reach a height of up to 2.5 meters.

I guess I sort of expected more yields from this plant because of its tall height but her average yield of floral, sweet, earthy, and woody buds after 10 weeks of flowering indoors made me forget about that. I ensured that there’s enough spacing between my plants for a good air circulation. Moreover, her potent indica effects are really satisfying. It freed me from muscle tensions and helped me have a good night sleep, even my insomnia can’t do anything about my heavy eyelids. I guess I’ll just have to buy and plant more seeds again to have more harvests. <3

Siberian Snow Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with high THC at 19%. This plant can produce average yields and grows as tall as 120 cm. Flowering takes only 8 to 10 weeks, and when it does, you’ll get dense buds with flowery, sweet, earthy, and woody flavors that you will love.