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shipping cannabis seeds with sweets

That means you have to choose “guaranteed” or “discreet,” which actually makes a lot of sense. Best of all is the company’s price match guarantee, meaning Seed City is putting their promise of low prices to the test.

Crop King Seeds offers seeds for beginners and experienced growers, from auto-flowering to feminized, as well as fast growers, regular, and CBD variety. You can also buy mix and match or go for the top-sellers in the country. Crop Kings gets bonus points for its 80 percent germination success rate, as well as discreet packaging and free shipping over $200.

8. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Fast Same Day Shipping

The basic legality of dormant seeds does not, however, ensure delivery. Some packages will be confiscated, especially if Customs suspects you’re going to buy marijuana seeds online. However, it’s unlikely you’ll face any charges. Usually, your package is just taken, and it’s your loss to suffer.

Some online seed banks will also require proof, such as photos or tracking numbers. Check each company’s stealth shipping page for more details.

The company sells feminized and auto-flower seeds, which have the highest rate of success, even if you’re not an expert grower. ILGM offers best-sellers of high THC strains or high CBD strains, seeds for beginners, grow kits, MJ fertilizer, and seed variety packs.

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In seed orders that total more than €80‚ paid by credit card, will qualify for FREE SHIPPING

Sweet Seeds cannabis seeds hit it hard in the cannabis sector and, thanks to the results obtained with them as well as to their original properties, they have earned a formidable reputation. It’s a very comprehensive collection made up of exotic genetics collected all around the world, which adds heterogeneity to the catalogue.


The responsible and professional line of work shown by Sweet Seeds results in a marvellous final product. That’s why we encourage you to have a look at their catalogue and to get your hands on some of the strains available.

Sweet Seeds was the forefather of “Fast Version” cannabis strains and its numerous “fast” genetics are highly regarded by all cultivators. This line, warmly welcomed since the very beginning, is halfway between feminized and autoflowering strains. One could say that they work as feminised seeds but they are harvested earlier.

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