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sf sourdough cannabis seeds

The perfect bud formation and spectacular colours are the first thing you’ll notice, but that’s not all San Francisco Sour Dough Seeds have to offer. THC goes all the way to 20%, the delicious mix of sweet fruit, pine and fuel always hits the spot, and the righteous high provides instant liftoff, packs a real punch and lasts for hours. To top it off, the flowering time is relatively short inside or out and the yields are off the charts. There’s nothing not to like about these 100% feminized seeds!

If you’ve been craving an authentic Cookies strain direct from the Bay Area, check out San Francisco Sour Dough. This new mix by Top Shelf Elite is a Phantom Cookies X Sour Gelato X Elite Chemdawg cross that demonstrates exactly how good this cannabis seed family is. To start, this is an absolutely beautiful hybrid that produces astronomical yields of big, dense flowers that pop with metallic pinks, purples and golds.

NB: Why risk the legal repercussions of a San Francisco Sour Dough grow when you can keep your cannabis seeds safely in their pack in preparation of global legal change? Until them, germination of all products purchased from KillaBeez is strictly prohibited.

You’ll Never Forget The Taste of San Francisco Sour Dough – Yum!

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A South Cali legend; San Francisco Sour Dough (Phanton Cookies x Sour Gelato x Elite Chemdawg) Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Top Shelf Elite!

Also known as SanFran Sour D, Top Shelf Elite’s Bay Area Cookies hybrid excels in taste, aroma, potency and bag appeal. San Francisco is known for being the home of the cookies strain and the Sour Gelato, another local Girl Scout Cookies hybrid, Top Shelf Elite worked with on; this cuts beautifully through the sweet and fruity notes, enhancing the pine and fuel of the Phantom Cookies and Chemdawg. Spectacular branching and multiple flowering sites ensure a great harvest, with a final height of around 2 meters. Flecks of purple and gold on tight chunky buds contain an expertly crafted cocktail of terpenes that make this cookie cut the mother of all Girl Scouts and overall an absolutely breathtaking plant! Try a South Cali legend and pick up some Top Shelf SFSD!

Top Shelf Elite – San Francisco Sour Dough Feminised Cannabis Seeds

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