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selling cannabis seeds in massachusetts

Enjoy it! You are welcome to smoke, vape, cook, make tinctures, or do pretty much whatever you want with your harvest—with just a few exceptions.

If you’re dedicated to growing outdoors during the warmer months, we can help with that, too. Plan to find a space that is more discreet than where you keep your prize rose bushes.

If you’re feeling generous, you can also gift your stash. While you can’t legally sell anything you harvest, state law says you can gift up to an ounce of cannabis flower at a time to other adults 21 and older.

How Do I Start?

First, extraction. The law prohibits the production of “cannabis-based extracts or concentrates at home by means of any liquid or gas, other than alcohol, that has a flashpoint below 100 degrees Fahrenheit.” This is meant to prevent home-extraction using volatile compounds such as butane, which can be incredibly dangerous if used incorrectly.

Are you an adult 21 and over? You can grow up to six plants in your home. Married? Living in sin? Got a couple roommates? A household that consists of more than one 21+ adult is allowed to grow up to 12 plants. But that’s it! No more, regardless of how many grad students you can stuff in an old Victorian.

There are also online outlets that advertise cannabis seeds. These businesses are generally based in other countries and operate in a gray area of the law.

You can gift seeds and cannabis clones, too!

Since 2016, marijuana has been legal in the east coast state of Massachusetts – as long as you are over 21 – but that doesn’t mean you are free to use it wherever you choose. Here are some basic facts about the law in Massachusetts:

Getting caught with over 28g of weed could land you in jail for up to 6 months and fined you up to $500 as long as it is your first offense. Getting caught a second time (and every time after that) could earn you up to 2 years in prison and a handsome fine of up to $2,000.

Is marijuana legal in Massachusetts?

Although it is legally permissible to have up to 28g of cannabis with you in public, more will still get you in trouble.

This card permits patients to purchase up to 283g every two months from any of the licensed dispensaries in the state. Patients are also allowed to grow this amount themselves.

In late 2016, the cultivation and possession of small quantities of cannabis for recreational purposes was legalized in Massachusetts.

A cannabis seed that’s white (or light green) and looks small hasn’t been completely developed. Another warning sign of seed being unhealthy is if the shell on the seed is brittle; this is typically a sign that the seed is too old to be able to germinate.

Plus, if you’ve bought regular marijuana seeds, you’ll have to count on some of those plants being male. A safe guess on male marijuana plants would be consisting of about 50% of the seeds that you’ve purchased.

How Do You Know If the Seeds Are Healthy?

To make sure that you’re buying quality seeds online, buy from a breeder that’s able to show you a list of where the seeds came from, as well as how they were crossed (or backcrossed) to produce the seed that you’re willing to purchase. Customer Reviews can also be a great tool to use when looking for a reputable Seed Bank.

Once auto-flowering seeds have reached a certain age, they automatically start to flower. Other forms of marijuana depend on a light cycle to begin their flowering cycle, which is what makes this type of seed so great if you aren’t interested in devoting a lot of time to grow a healthy crop.

Since Massachusetts is a warm and humid state during the prime growing months, it would be a great idea to invest in seeds that are mold-resistant seeds.