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seeds look slimey white stuff germinating cannabis seeds

Cannabis is not a swamp plant! The seeds need a well aerated growing medium to germinate well. Seedlings also cannot tolerate high humidity and can easily be attacked by fungus such as fusarium and pythium. Only the soil or growing medium should be moist for optimal germination and seedling growth. Ambient humidity is best below 50%.

We hope that this guide has been helpful in detecting the probable cause for any problems that you have encountered. The next step would be to run a test under improved conditions. For this purpose it is best to germinate just a few seeds as a trial. If everything goes well you see the results within 7+ days and can germinate the remaining seeds with confidence. A novice grower will also find this helpful advice before losing all of the purchased seeds on a set-up that requires modification!

All our seeds are pre-tested. and we mean ALL seeds from all strains. Every single seeded mother plant has been tested for perfect germination prior to sale. This ensures that there are no "bad batches".

Choosing the correct soil for germination and seedlings should not be difficult. However, some growers feel overwhelmed and insecure by the seemingly endless jungle of products, whilst others may live in countries with a very small and unsatisfying range of products. Please refer to our SOIL GUIDE for tips and recommendations.

A very small percentage of plants turn out to be triploids (ie. have three sets of leaves) among thousands of specimens. This does not impair plant health and is a feature unique to cannabis as a plant species (ie. not restricted to our genetics). For more info on triploids please see our FAQ. Also very rare, but not a reason for concern, are twins. These appear when there are two embryos in one seed. If both seedlings are the same size you should separate them quickly before roots get entangled and then you have two plants for the price of one! If one seedling appears inferior just remove it. If a seedling has fused cotyledon leaves or a young plant has fused leaf tips on a leaf this is nothing to worry about and it has absolutely no impact on growth or flowering. Nature is always trying out new combinations and that cannot be prevented in selective breeding.

Humidity domes are only required for rooting cuttings.

a) Healthy & intact seeds don't germinate if the substrate is too dry. This could mean that it was too dry from the start, or that the substrate dried out before the seed could absorb enough moisture to trigger germination. Open some of the seeds to check the embryo. If it is healthy, white and firm then the seeds required more water to germinate.

Your seeds may not sprout at all, or they may emerge from the soil but die days later. Seedlings may suddenly bend and turn brown from a disease known as “damping off”. Overwatering, poor drainage, and lack of aeration will also increase the likelihood of this.

Handling your cannabis seeds with bare hands can contaminate them with all kinds of nasties like bacteria and fungus. Unfortunately, seeds and seedlings are especially vulnerable to these types of harmful pathogens.


Keeping the above in mind, seeds do need moisture to germinate. Keep your soil moist but not damp. The best approach is to use a hand sprayer with a fine mist setting. Use a transparent germination hood or cling film to keep the soil from drying out.

To get your grow off to a great start, sourcing quality cannabis seeds is the best thing you can do. Not only will your germination rates be better, but your plants will also grow healthier with better yields at harvest time.

Among other critters, ants are particularly keen on eating the taproots from sprouted seeds. To keep your seeds safe, use bird netting, ant traps, and other preventative measures like neem oil or slug traps. Check on your seeds often so you can spot infestations and act before they become a problem.

the offender strain was Sour kosher by DNA. 4 seeds. they all seem to be germing ok but now I’m worried that they got some bacteria/fungus. i transferred them to a new cup with new water with a touch of h202 in it to hopefully clean them up.

i poured it out onto a black tshirt so i could try to get a look at what it was and it dispersed into little flakes on the tshirt. felt almost waxy. resiny sorta.

i would say it had something to do with the cup or the water BUT i had 6 other cups germing 6 other strains right next to the offender. 22 seeds in total 7 strains in total and one goes all gross on me??

the title says it all. i hate to use the reference of semen but it truly looked like semen. slightly stringy/snotty and the water was slightly opaque.

and sorry i woulda taken pictures but I’m scared to take pics of germing seeds for fear of wrecking germ rates with the flash. i know i coulda taken one without the flash but that takes time dialing shit in and i felt i didn’t have time! lol i was so panicked!