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seedo cannabis

Seedo then uses its own algorithm to implement the ideal water, fertilizer, and temperature levels for whatever you are growings in order to maximize its yield.

This is why former US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Jendayi Frazer was named Seedo director, as she has extensive knowledge of the various needs of different parts of the continent.

It can grow other things too but it’s safe to say, most people are using Seedo to grow weed.

Seedo’s AI-powered technology will also enable communities to grow high yields of both native and non-native produce with less labour, energy, and water than ever before and in less than ideal conditions.

“Designed to simulate your specific plant’s ideal natural conditions, Seedo delivers precision agriculture for brag worthy yields using minimal space.”

Powered by AI and Machine Learning technology, Seedo enables anyone to grow anything with no experience and the same amount of space you would need for a mini-fridge.

The legalisation of marijuana has opened up the door for a new and potentially lucrative industry. A lot of companies are springing up and capitalising on this money-making yet untapped market.

In this regard, Haifa-headquartered cannabis farming startup Seedo has inked an agreement with Toronto-based online cannabis products marketplace Namaste Technologies for marketing and distribution.

Agreement with Namaste Technologies!