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seed to sale cannabis consultants

Not only is keeping yourself, employees and product safe a constant issue for your business, it’s also an important issue for state and local authorities as well as the neighboring community. Moving into a secure or securable building for your grow or dispensary could save you thousands of dollars as well as keep you safe and secure. Seed to Sale Consulting will help burglar proof the outside of your grow facility and also help implement other security and safety precautions from inside the building.

Seed to Sale Consulting specializes in everything from the start of growth to the final sale of medical and recreational marijuana. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Seed to Sale Consulting is on the cutting edge of the marijuana industry. Our team manages and owns several recreational and medical marijuana grows and dispensaries in Denver and continues to expand. We have developed proven techniques that will allow you to efficiently produce high quality cannabis and maintain a very profitable business.

We offer a comprehensive training course with hands on training at one of our locations where we go through all steps of the system. We will also provide an easy to read step-by-step guide that will cover everything from planting a seed or clone to harvesting and then packaging for consumption.


First rate cultivation methods and systems

We believe complying with local and state law is a critical part to the success of any dispensary and grow facility. We have the ability and systems that make compliance in any state or city simple, yet comprehensive. From tracking product from seed to sale or making sure the building is up to code, Seed to Sale Consulting has experience with all aspects of the process.

Strategically start your business

Seed to Sale has the ability to create specialized layout and growing techniques to cater to your growing needs. For examples, we can create a system that maximizes per plant yield for low plant counts, maximize yield per watt for energy efficiency, or maximize yield per watt for low space.

Superior Cannabis Consultants was founded by marijuana mogul Adam Knapp Co-founder of Good Meds Wellness with two retail locations, a 90,000 square foot grow facility with a state of the art extraction laboratory. Adam has been a leader in the legal marijuana industry for over 7 years and continues to push forward into newcannabis markets. Partnering your company with Superior Cannabis Consultants gives your company access to a large network of industry leaders in agriculture, finance, politics and medicine. Superior Cannabis Consultants possess a wealth of knowledge in a constantly changing recreational & medicinal cannabis environment. Superior specializes in doing marijuana the right way with as much foresight as possible for long sustainable profits in an ever-growing market.

Superior Cannabis Consultants is a hemp and marijuana advising company versed in all aspects of the legal hemp and marijuana industry: from seed to sale. We have decades of combined experience building successful, compliant medical and recreational facilities and an exemplary record delivering top quality products to market.

Startup marijuana businesses as well as companies that have had their roots in place for years can take advantage of superior’s exemplary track record and industry leading techniques. Whether you’re looking to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and start a new business venture or just needing to optimize one facet of your Marijuana business Superior Cannabis Consultants has you covered. We live and breathe cost/benefit analysis at superior, everything we do is geared to make as much money as possible while producing the best cannabis on the planet.

Our team boasts over 100+ years of combined commercial lending experience

Seed to Sale Funding is a catalyst for expertise, professionalism, and thought leadership in the cannabis industry. Our numbers speak for themselves.

We help cannabis companies obtain the financing they need to run their businesses and take advantage of growth opportunities.

Our Financing Structures

We’ve closed over $45 Million in transactions since 2019

We write loans in 36 states

We are a consulting company that raises debt capital for all facets of the hemp & cannabis industry which includes grow/cultivation, processing, testing, retail, and secured transportation. Since bank loans are not readily available for the hemp and cannabis industry, we primarily work with a network of private sources ranging from wealthy investors, family offices, private lenders, and hard money lenders. If you’re looking for a firm to take your business goals to the next level, you’re in the right place.

Judy’s experience includes over 40 years of structuring and placing commercial loan transactions. She is an accomplished executive with a history of identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities to expand business and drive revenue. Prior to founding Seed To Sale Funding, she held diverse executive positions with a variety of national and regional commercial banks, such as Managing Director at PNC Bank, Senior Vice President at Bank of America, and Vice President at Comerica Bank. She also served as Managing Director at Amherst Partners, a boutique management consulting and investment banking firm.