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seed to sale cannabis companies

Deciding how to package your product ultimately decides whether the product will leave the shelf or not. The packaging step includes sorting out the flowers and deciding which are suitable enough to be sold as bud on the shelf or sent for post processing such as extraction or joint rolling.

Drying can make or break your harvest, which is why precision and patience are key in this stage. A solid week of drying in a pitch-black room with effective circulation and humidity control are always components of best practices. When the bud itself is dry and the stems can bend or pop without breaking, that’s why you know it’s time to move onto the next step. Consider Bud Washing if you’ve been using pesticides or are growing outdoor to clear off any unwanted flavors.

An effective and methodical grow stage is critical to any successful cannabis operation. Maintaining proper nutrients, lighting, oxygen levels, CO2 levels, and water levels through the vegetation stage along with battling pest and overgrowth can truly mean the difference. Without proper upkeep, newly developed plants can quickly die, while older plant are still susceptible to these same challenges, they’re far more resilient to stressors. Careful maintenance can ensure plants stay stress free, allowing them to grow to their maximum potential and prevent any chance of a sex change.


Whether it’s from a seed or a clone, growing cannabis comes with a variety of advantages and disadvantages. Clones are consistent and the gender is always known, given a similar environment to their parent strain they will produce the same amount of product. Seeded plants maintain their tap roots, allowing them to grow stronger and faster but have a greater potential to grow into males, destroying an entire operation overnight.

Everyone’s favorite chore, trimming your plants can be a tedious and rewarding process. Whether it’s a dry trim or a wet trim, this processing stage will set the visual tone of your plants. Wet trimming is done directly after harvest before the drying stage, this can allow for an easier time trimming as the sugar leaves have yet to curl back into the plant. Wet trimmed plants generally dry faster and with the added ease during trimming, look more manicured.

All those trimmings and buds that did not make it to the shelf should not be thrown away. They can become other useful products that can still be sold to consumers. Trimmings can be filtered with ice cold water to create bubble hash. Leftover buds can be used to make pre-rolled joints or pressed to create waxes, shatter, etc.

From the moment you harvest your plants, they begin to break down. A proper cure can prevent cannabinoids and terpenes from breaking down into less favorable compounds. Immediately after trimming the buds should be placed into sealed containers or bag and kept in a cool dark room. Burping containers while monitoring humidity are essential practices to preventing mold and preserving taste. Humidity packs are available from a wide variety of vendors that will allow control over the bud’s environment. While burping containers, be aware of the smell within the first few days, this could be an indication that the buds are not ready for the curing processes and require more drying time.

There are dozens of various seed-to-sale that perform various aspects of the grow, harvest, curing, distributing, inventory, sales, and rewards parts better than others.

The company is working to differentiate itself from the integrated financial cost and project tracking, as well as by giving clients the flexibility to scale to multiple locations and in multiple states.

Developed to meet the needs of cultivators who were dissatisfied with the tools available to manage their operations, Trellis is a comprehensive seed-to-sale platform available in Canada, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Michigan.


Before even starting to evaluate and review what is out here you need to stop and ask yourself a few questions. Are you looking for a system that integrates all the existing systems you have running into one framework?

It’s no secret that the cannabis industry is tightly regulated. Any company that handles the plant needs to have a robust software solution in their corner. Remember, the industry has four major segments that make up the seed-to-sale supply chain.

Helix Biotrack’s software can be customized based on local regulations in the user’s jurisdiction, so cannabis businesses are always in compliance. Users have the option to choose from individual segments of the software supply chain or utilize all three of the segments that BioTrack offers.

Before you can even begin looking for seed to sale software vendors, you need to define what the scope of your project is. This is even more critical if you are just starting a cannabis business vs if you’ve been running one for a while and are just looking to improve your efficiency.