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seed to harvest cannabis day 38

Day 55 (27 days marijuana flowering)
I read that Master Kush is really a vigorous plant that requires plenty of bloom fertilizer. I’ve also added Cal/Mag to my regime. Apparently the curled yellow marijuana leaves could be a sign of that kind of a problem.

Day 75 (47 days marijuana flowering)
Today was the last marijuana fertilizer feed. I’ll be using straight up water for the next few waterings. I know not to count my yield yet, but it’s much better than I expected.

Day 80 (52 days marijuana flowering)
Buds are looking awesome. Anticipate harvesting in 10 days.

Day 38 (One week marijuana flower)
After the first week in, I spotted my first pre-flowers. Well they been there for two days now. I’m keeping an eye out for the males. Five of my nine marijuana seeds have become female. I’m very happy so far with that outcome. I feed them bloom marijuana fertilizer. Two parts.

Day 60 (32 days marijuana flowering)
Adding the Cal/Mag appears to be helping. The plant is eating plenty of marijuana fertilizer.

The girls didn’t waste any time. Just six days into the 12/12 cycle, the four plants started to flower. Two of them also began to stretch considerably. From there on, we started to feed them a full dose of Canna Terra Flores with every watering. It was then that we also took four cuttings from the two best-looking plants.

As the base potting soil for the entire grow (including the clones), we used B’Cuzz Kilomix from Atami, to which we added about 10–15% extra perlite. The idea here is that an extra airy mix for the roots will suit Critical’s vigorous growth particularly well.


For this grow, we didn’t do any pinching or training, but instead chose to let plants grow in their normal pattern. They were not hindered in any way, and grew very quickly at this stage. It didn’t take long before it was necessary to up-pot again: On day 25, we put them into their blooming pots. Four of the 6 plants were put into 25cm pots, which are a little deeper than standard flower pots.

When Critical is dry and undisturbed, it doesn’t smell much. But break open a bud, and it has a distinct scent to it—very “earthy”, almost like burnt almond and spice with a slight undertone of fuel to it. This note fades as it cures, but doesn’t completely vanish, and in no way does it affect the lovely tasting smoke. If there was any “challenge” with this strain, it wasn’t with growing itself, but with handling the massively resinous (and therefore sticky) nugs.

As soon as we received the seeds in the mail, we popped them into “Root Riot” clone and seed blocks placed in a bottom-heated propagator. For lighting, we used a 400W MH lamp set at 18/6, about 60cm away. To keep our 1 × 1 × 2.1m enclosure cool, we had a 45cm-tall ionising tower fan running, as well as two 15cm fans.

At the locations on the plant where you previously saw some hairs, you can now see the first signs of real buds developing. There still won’t be many resin glands and trichomes on your plants, which means that the smell won’t be too pungent yet either.

In the very first weeks of flowering, your cannabis plants will be in the transition stage. Thinking that winter is not far away and that she will soon have to carry a big load of bud, your plant will likely grow rapidly. Some strains can almost double in height during this time. Because of the fast growth that your plant is undergoing now, this early flowering phase is also known as the stretch phase.

Flushing Your Cannabis Plants

Cannabis plants like red and orange wavelengths during flowering (between 580–700nm) to encourage the ripening of their flowers. For best results, use a grow light with this spectrum during the bloom phase.

Not all cannabis strains require the same amount of time for their flowering, but many varieties will be ready to harvest in these last three weeks. There are, however, not too many strains that will be ready before week 8.