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Entourage Effect Capital
Private equity investment firm, formerly Cresco Capital Partners, dedicated to investing in the cannabis industry

Canna Angels, LLC
Provides its accredited investors with carefully vetted, high-quality emerging companies either directly involved in the cannabis industry, or in supportive products and services

Salveo Capital
Committed to shaping the cannabis – marijuana industry by providing funding and support to companies with the will and vision to be the future faces of legal cannabis.

Merida Capital Partners
A private equity investment firm targeting fundamental growth drivers underpinning the rapid development of the cannabis industry.

Serruya Private Equity
Global private equity firm focused on transforming companies by collaborating with management to develop and implement strategies which leverage SPE’s existing resources.

The company went public through a reverse takeover with OutdoorPartner Media Corporation—an unlisted company based in Canada—in May 2018.   It trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker symbol MMEN. As of September 2020, MedMed raised a total of $383 million in financing in six different rounds, according to Crunchbase.

Chicago-based Salveo Capital is focused on services that support the legal cannabis industry such as licensing and branding, technology, software, financial payments and related services, and agricultural technology. According to the company’s website, it also plans to invest in companies that are involved in cultivating and dispensing legal cannabis, as well as those involved in infusing the product.  

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Poseidon Asset Management

Pot sales are on the rise as more states vote to legalize marijuana medically, recreationally, or both. And this trend is unlikely to slow down as attitudes about the drug are evolving across the country. As of November 2020, cannabis is legal in 35 states and in D.C. for medical and/or recreational purposes—or both. According to Arcview—a cannabis market research firm—marijuana sales are rising across the country. Legal cannabis sales were $12.4 billion in 2019 and are expected to climb to $46.8 billion by 2025.  

The forecasted growth in legal pot sales for 2020, to an estimated $20.4 billion.

This venture capital firm boasts of another high profile backer—Snoop Dogg, who is also the founder. In 2015, the company announced that it was looking for investors for a $25 million fund. According to Crunchbase, Casa Verde made a total of 22 investments, including several rounds of funding to Dutchie, an online platform that connects consumers and retailers in the cannabis industry. The company raised $45 million as of January 2018 and is the lead investor in Trellis, Green Bits, and a Colorado-based pot packaging solutions company called FunkSac.

So it should come as no surprise that investors smell an opportunity. Legalization has opened doors for many businesses, especially startups dabbling in the data and technology aspects of legal marijuana. Although finding enough marijuana companies in the public equities space may be a challenge for the average investor, venture capital firms and private equity funds are raising hundreds of millions of investment dollars.

Founded by Shah, Kartikey Dadoo, and Kanishk Yadav, Hemp wants to make use of cannabis for medicinal purposes—a growing trend in western countries. Cannabis is being used in Ayurvedic, Siddha and Unani schools of medicines.

“Today increasing demand for hemp seeds over traditional herbal seeds is driving the growth of the market. There are over 2 crore legal cannabis users in India and the growing demand for personal care products, protein supplements, cosmetics and several other Hemp products will boost the market,” the startup said.

Cannabis startup Hemp Horizons said on February 4 that it raised Rs 2 crore in seed funding from Mumbai Angels Network and AngelList.

Founded by Rohit Shah, Kartikey Dadoo, and Kanishk Yadav, the company wants to make use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Hemp Horizons is a seed-processing company registered with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and certified for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Angel investor Bikky Khosla, CEO of and Chairman of the ASSOCHAM e-commerce committee, also participated in the round. He is the younger brother of renowned Silicon Valley investor Vinod Khosla.

Funding will help the startup launch and market cannabis extracts and hemp-seed products.

“We are happy to see more and more individuals understanding the benefits of cannabis and investment funds looking at companies like ours as a potential game-changer in the health and wellness space,” Hemp Horizons CEO Rohit Shah said.