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scary cannabis seeds deals

This Barcelona-based collective produces marijuana seeds that are both easy-to-grow and high-yielding, so you don’t have to choose anymore! Get them now with a huge discount and empty those Halloween candy buckets for the upcoming extra-large and sweet harvest.

While the spooky season is turning the streets red and orange, we’re ready to keep turning your grow spaces green. The thing is, Herbies can’t be scared that easily, which can’t be said about our prices – they’ve shrunk from fright, run away in terror, and dropped dead screaming, “HALLOWEEN SA-A-ALE!”

K.C. Brains

With strain names like Grape Inferno and Pennywise, we couldn’t skip this seed bank during the Halloween discount week! As you can see from the name, Subcool’s The Dank is the creation of real cannabis legend Subcool! The huge experimenter blends effects, flavors, and insane potencies like a magician. Don’t miss the chance to try these seeds for a truly one-of-a-kind weed experience!

This seed bank is a little similar to witches and ghosts who love keeping old secrets. Just like them, Ace Seeds specializes in discovering, preserving, and stabilizing original landrace genetics to make them available to regular growers. As a result, their collection is full of pure, mind-bending Sativas!

Speaking of… K.C. Brains vigorously test each new strain they create for germination and feminization along with delicious taste profiles and potency. The result is always a super-potent seed that can turn anybody into a giggly, couch-locked zombie.

Jock Horror is greatly suited for growing outdoors, thanks to her strong resistance to cold and wet climates.

Strain Characteristics: The Haze will really come through when growing this lady, causing her to grow with rapid growth, a large bushy nature and long internodal spacing. As she begins to flower, she will stretch even further, so plant training is strongly recommended. The fan leaves will grow long, with thin serrated fan leaves typical of a sativa.

Genetics: We took our Mexican Haze, Northern Lights and Skunk #1 and created a super hybrid. Jock Horror feminised will showcase the best of indica and sativa genetics, meaning she will display hybrid vigour and flower between 9-11 weeks depending on phenotype.

Her flavours are very tasty, and fans of fruity, fuel and gas strains, will love this hybrid very much so. This lady is ideal for smoking at home with friends, or in a social scenario, relaxing, chilling out and if needs be putting your feet up for the day. Medical patient may find Jock Horror feminized to be useful for helping depression, relieving aches and pains, therapeutic use, increasing appetite and improving sleep.

Jock Horror is a three way hybrid that delivers on potency, flavour and easability to grow. She is a sativa dominant strain meaning she will quickly, tall and soon take over your grow room with her large sized stature. Despite her size, she is perfectly suited for beginner growers looking for the ultimate hybrid.