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rhode island cannabis seeds

Buy Do-Si-Dos Cannabis Seeds if you are looking for a potent, psychedelic and relaxing indica dominant herb. This strain’s sedating body effects can help alleviate stress and pain making this a great option for both recreational and medical use. The humid and hot climate is perfect for growing this strain outdoors and under optimal conditions you can expect to harvest a whopping 17 ounces of buds per plant. The colder temperatures overnight can trigger the plant to take on gorgeous purple hues too, adding mad bag appeal!

This strain is easy to cultivate both outdoors and indoors and only takes 7-8 weeks to flower. It produces a strong odor when growing. If you are looking to buy Rhode Island marijuana seeds, AK-47 should be top on your list. This variety boasts a number of awards under its belt, among them 1st Sativa at the Toronto Treating Yourself Expo, 2011, and 1st Hash at the Barcelona High Life Cup, 2005.

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Snow Ripper has fresh, intense forest flavor with earthy wood and spice hints. With a THC content of 22 percent, the effects of this variety are hard-hitting, giving users a sedative, stress-relieving effect. After a long day, we recommend you light up a Snow Ripper. It will bring untold tranquility. This strain is pure bliss to growers—it’s resistant to pests, mold, and disease. Beginner growers should definitely cultivate RI cannabis seeds.

We have an impressive marijuana seed bank for our customers. Here are some of the highly sought-after cannabis seeds in Rhode Island:

When you opt to buy your cannabis seeds from the Chronic Seeds Store at Weed Seeds USA you can rest assured you are getting the very best. We source our seeds from amazing growers that are determined to bring premium, genetically pure marijuana seeds to our virtual shelves. Our passionate team has done the research to know exactly how to store and transport these seeds to maintain their viability. We are so sure of our process that we even offer germination guarantees on the majority of our quality seeds. We understand it can be intimidating starting your own home grow operation, and so, we want to have experts available to answer any questions you may have. Our educated team is available to support you and you can Contact Us through our online form or by phone at any stage of your home growing process.

Cultivation licensing is handled by the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation. Cultivation License applications are being accepted until April 30, 2017, and will begin accepting applications again annually during the months of January-March.

Laboratories can test cannabis for concentration and contaminants. Prior to entering the consumer market, all regulated cannabis is required to undergo Quality Assurance testing.

Current Estimated Patient Counts: 14,693 with an additional 2,904 cleared for patient cultivation


The state’s medical marijuana program is regulated by the Rhode Island Department of Health. They handle all changes in licensing as it relates to compassion centers and medical cannabis patients, including additions to qualifying conditions and additions to licensing numbers.

You can find the full medical marijuana program’s set of rules and regulations here.

There are five (5) different cultivation license types in Rhode Island:

PLEASE NOTE: If an Application is approved, there will be an additional annual license fee which is based upon the class of license issued. License classes are defined in the Regulations according to the square footage of the licensed facility. License fees are in addition to the Application fee and range from five-thousand dollars ($5,000) to eighty-thousand dollars ($80,000). Please refer to the chart of license fees in the license index in Section M.