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review growers choice cannabis seeds wholesale

According to many online forums, Growers Choice has rave reviews across the board. Most customers report high yields and an easy grow process with top-notch seeds.

Growers Choice Seeds are a bit of a mixed bag. Their seeds are high-quality and competitively priced. They also offer worldwide shipping and a germination guarantee. However, they have a small strain collection, accept limited payment methods and their TrustPilot score shows they have work to do in terms of customer service.

According to their “About Us” page, their primary goal is to provide their customers with the highest quality cannabis seeds produced via the best genetics in the industry.

Growers Choice Customer Reviews – 4.5/5

For the most part, customers report a positive experience with Growers Choice customer service.

For this reason I’ve still awarded them four and a half stars.

As mentioned previously, it’s clear that seed quality is of the utmost importance for Growers Choice.

Overall, while strain selection is somewhat limited, Growers Choice has some of the highest quality genetics around.

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There are many instances where the seeds fail to germinate, which ultimately leads to disappointment among buyers and the sellers as well.

The stature of the seed bank

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Thus, numerous payment modes are available to suit the different needs of the growers.

Mango Medical feminized seeds, Shark Medical feminized cannabis seeds, CBD Blueberry Medical cannabis seeds, CBD Moby dick medical cannabis seeds, CBD critical mass medical cannabis seeds are few of the best High CBD medical cannabis seeds.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

This is the case when one clicks on Shop All Cannabis Seeds, Auto-Flowering Seeds, Feminized Seeds, and High CBD Medical Seeds. The only link that takes a customer directly to product listings is the “Buy Seeds on Sale” button and the specific strain listings in each drop-down menu.


If nothing happens after the last-ditch effort of the second soaking, Growers Choice will send out some replacement seeds. One thing to note is that shipping costs are not covered by the Seed Germination Promise, so the customer will still be on the hook for however much it costs to ship out his or her replacement seeds. For some people, being asked to shell out more money just to get a “free” replacement for seeds that didn’t germinate in the first place might not be worth it.

To put suspicious minds at ease, Growers Choice Seeds includes a section on their FAQ page that assures potential customers that they honor every order placed with them and value the mutually beneficial relationship that comes from staying on good terms with their customers. Of course, a company saying they’re legit isn’t the most convincing evidence, but if you want to do a bit more digging, they offer a phone number you can call to speak with a real, live customer service representative about any concerns or questions.

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