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regular cannabis seeds for sale usa

This little auto strain is popular for a reason. Not only does it give you an uplifting, euphoric high, but it can beat back stress and anixety like nobody’s business. It’s easy to grow White Widow Autoflowering marijuana seeds, too.

Likewise, if an illness is causing the body to overproduce a neurotransmitter (in the case of pain, for instance), cannabinoids can block these interactions and prevent or lessen the resulting symptom. Pretty impressive, huh?

Our high-quality cannabis seeds are all fully feminized and completely ungerminated, so you can buy with confidence. Order the best cannabis seeds for sale online today, and we’ll provide fast and discreet delivery right to your doorstep in as little as one week. Get started now.

Marijuana Seeds for Sale in the USA

So many strains to choose from:

You can buy marijuana seeds from loads of different places, but a seed bank – specifically a really rad seed bank like Pacific – gives you so much choice you might even feel overwhelmed at first. Don’t fret, though. With a user-friendly search system that lets you narrow down your options to exactly the strains you want, Pacific makes choosing the greatest weed seeds ever easy as pie. You will also find

Pure Kush autoflowering is the best of kush in action, producing a euphoric high that reduces depression and stress without leaving you house bound. Popular among every level of grower, a little love and attention will reward you with a skunky, pungent harvest after 9 weeks of flowering.

What’re you waiting for? Place your order and buy marijuana seeds in the USA today – you’ll be so glad you picked Pacific Seed Bank!

This strain is an invitation into a temple of tranquility.

Mysterious, elusive, potent. A weed that goes beyond human understanding.

Euphoric and powerfully cerebral, this Sativa strain is a force to be reckoned with.

Jelly Bean Reg

Until the 1990’s, regular seeds were the only marijuana seeds available on the market, so growers often participated in time-consuming testing methods to classify the sex of each plant before they could successfully separate male plants from female plants. This process involved a high degree of effort and undesired cross-pollination in an attempt to isolate the sexes. With the introduction of feminization techniques and feminized marijuana seeds in the 90’s, un-sexedmarijuana seeds lost popularity but their value has not decreased at all. The value of regular seeds and their potential to produce male and female plants is massive, primarily because the female marijuana plant produces potent bud and the male marijuana plant produces the pollen necessary for pollinating females, and it’s those pollinated females that produce flowers loaded with seeds. Harvesting your own seeds from pollinated female cannabis plants is where the value lies when you buy regular seeds. The benefit of growing female plants that produce seeds (mother plants) is the potential to save the seeds. Once obtained, you can store the seeds in a dark, dry, cool environment for as long as 3 years. Buy regular, un-sexed, marijuana seeds to take your operation to the next level!

Your favorite gorilla wrapped in candy clothing.

Stimulating yet relaxing. Indulge in this strain’s seductive aroma and dessert-like sweetness.

Comforting and utterly delectable, like a warm cup of mocha on a cold evening. is not responsible for the misuse or illegal use according to the law of each country regarding the traded products. Our online store complies with UK law.

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Best selling regular seeds

Regular cannabis seeds produce a natural ratio of female and male plants. This is vital for more advanced growers and purists who want to try their hand at breeding cannabis seeds. Though it isn't possible to tell whether a regular cannabis seed is male or female before growing it, a couple of weeks into the flowering phase and you can quickly spot the plants growing oval shaped pods which is the tell tell sign of a male.

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