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reddit where order cannabis seeds

I've made a few purchases from Quality seeds – great service.

There is also the Reliable Bud event this weekend, and there will be seeds and clones available.

There's my referral link, they got a decent rewards program. – good mass medical strains freebies – might still have some left. I got 15 free seeds from one purchase.

I would research breeders before you purchase.

Related, but slightly off topic –– for causal, small, first time grows (growers) is it better to start off with a clone to get into the home-grow game, and then try seeds if you enjoyed it and wanted to do it again?

Anyone know of any local businesses or seed banks? I'm looking to start a couple plants with my tomatoes and herbs in a few weeks and would love to try a grow for the first time. Any help is much appreciated!

Oregon Elite Seeds is dependable, but they only take cash or money order–kind of a hassle.

I used pacificseedbank and have got some quality plants.

I also have a “main event” bean pack of his that I will grow soon. out of colorado . alot of purple punch and stardawg crosses.

DcSeedExchange is really fast w shipping shipped out of Washington DC and has a lot of variety. I’ve used them multiple times for Wicked Pissah auto flowers and Mandalorian Genetics which are both incredible. Mandalorian offers f9’s even so incredibly stable genetics.

When I was in college. 83 as a frosh. my turf professor. number 3 rated program in the nation. had recently started dna mapping from technology out of forensic science in law enforcement. For seed standardization in seed. There is going to be a huge demand in the cannabis for seed standardisation when it opens up.

Bloom Seed Co. Oni Seeds Exotic Genetix In House Genetics Thug Pug Genetics Humboldt Seed Co. Rockymountainhigh719 Masonic Seeds Umami Seeds Bodhi Seeds

While there are sort of good recommendations here, people seem to be failing to mention that youre going to want to pheno hunt. One pack of one strain, regardless of the breeder, will likely not yield award winning results.

Do they discreetly ship seeds?

Almost every breeder in the US worth their can be ordered from or has a seedbank they have gear with. Some great breeders are