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reddit cannabis seeds mailed confiscated

Disclaimer* I've only bought seeds online a few times, so I don't have tons of experience with it.

Many of the places I've gone to online will resend your seeds if they get found. It's basically just trial and error to try and get them through customs, and I've never personally heard of anyone being arrested for it.

Seeds are what you get mother plants from are you crazy! Plus seeds have a big advantage clones never will. A genuine strong tap root

That’s shitty. I wouldn’t grow from seed anyway. Find clones.

Seeds aren’t illegal to own. Try again dude. LEOs don’t have the right to decide if you are using those seeds to grow or not just because they found cannabis seeds. In the United States you can legally buy seeds for souvenirs. Doesn’t matter if they can be grown or not.

No shit dude, It’s still illegal federally. You’re lucky they don’t prosecute. They used to put people away for years for this stuff. If the port of entry was NY Im guessing you ordered from Amsterdam, which has also tightened their export laws.

If its legal to grow and smoke in your state then go to a shop in your state and get a clone or ask where to get one.

So. given the problem of driving through a non-legal state (Indiana) between Michigan and Illinois, I wondered if it would be wise to mail myself the seeds after buying them in Michigan. Thoughts on the legality of this? I just know using the mail can actually be a charge in itself, given the federal illegality of cannabis.

I'm a medical patient frustrated, chiefly, with the lack of options to purchase seeds in Illinois. I know there are US based seed banks with reliable shipping and I can go that route. With isolation, though, I wouldn't mind driving a few hours and seeing some things I remember from childhood trips to Michigan.

Secondarily, I'm somewhat interested in giving carts another try and they're much more reasonably priced in Michigan (they accept IL medical cards). Would mailing these to myself be more risky?