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Check out some of the best weed-related subreddits below. You’ll find some dedicated to cannabis growing and cooking with the herb, and some that are purely there to entertain the stoned mind.

This subreddit currently boasts 111,000 members from all corners of the world. With this many cannabis-curious minds in one place, you’re guaranteed to stumble across precious information, stunning cannabis photography, and top-tier memes. Alongside impressive posts from seasoned growers, you’ll see plenty of novices posting yellow leaves, wilting specimens, and pest-ridden plants. The great part about this subreddit? Hundreds of community members are ready to jump in to offer their tips, advice, and solutions.

2. Cannabis Cultivation (r/CannabisCultivation)

Trip out to spinning lights, bizarre creatures, and even videos of bearded Russians rolling around in the snow with a fully grown bear.

You’ll even find tips on cannabis-themed days out. Explore people’s experiences blazing in cities around the world, and use their reports to replicate their experiences with your friends where you live.

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On February 24, 2016, the Australian parliament passed legislation approving medical marijuana use by people with chronic, severe health conditions. It also legalized growing weed seeds for scientific purposes – an important step towards allowing for mandatory cannabis research.

Here is a quick recap of the most critical aspects of the legality of cannabis seeds in Australia:

In recent years, the Greens party has worked to legalize the use of recreational marijuana in Australia, despite pushback from Greg Hunt, the country’s Minister for Health. Their efforts bear fruits, with the ACT (which includes the capital city of Canberra and several neighboring townships) legalizing recreational cannabis as of January 31, 2020.

Are Medical Cannabis Seeds Legal in Australia?

From barring residents from buying marijuana seeds from seed banks to making it a crime to consume weed — Australia is another prime example of prohibition gone wrong.

In milder regions of Australia, cannabis seeds can grow any season of the year outdoors, giving growers up to four harvests in a single year.

In most cases, you may find both feminized and autoflowering seed types, making each of these seed strains even easier to grow. However, let’s briefly discuss the benefits of growing these three seed strains in Australia.

Possessing, distributing, and growing marijuana to resell are still considered illegal activities and are punishable by the law’s fullest extent. However, the penalties for engaging in these marijuana activities vary by state and even between different territories.

That guarantee states that you will get replacement seeds (or a refund if you prefer) for any seeds that do not successfully germinate, if your germination rate is under 90%.

Not only that, they offer hundreds of guides and tips for anyone growing marijuana. Basically, you can find all of the information you need to grow weed successfully on their site. You can also find an active forum where you can get answers to any additional questions you might have.

Finally, ILGM has easily the best customer service among online seed banks. They are incredibly responsive and helpful. Read our full review of ILGM for more.

Pacific Seed Bank

As mentioned, they only ship to 2 countries, but they ship for free to the US ($25 to Australia). And since they have an office in California (they are headquartered in Amsterdam), they ship fast to US locations.

These brief reviews will give you a better idea why we recommend each of these online stores for cannabis seeds. We also provide a link to our in-depth reviews of each of these shops.

There is even a handy visualization that makes it easy to see all of the effects and physical characteristics at a glance. Each strain also has plenty of customer reviews, which gives you a great idea what to expect from it as a grower.

What might also be a drawback to some is that they only offer feminized, autoflower, or CBD strains. If you just want normal marijuana seeds, you’ll have to look elsewhere.