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Hi all, i hope this question isnt against the rules to ask but my ma recently got diagnosed with glaucoma and she is in her first stages. we don't believe in smoking but for her treatment im thinking of using leaves and such as tea or other ways of medicating her illness

anyway my question is, is it legal to buy cannabis seeds from these seed banks? it just seems to inconspicuous to me and i dont know if ill be doing the right thing if i do order some. some websites claim its legal to order because some states allow the production of oils and such but you can never be too careful

Marijuana is not legal where I live, so getting a high cbd strain is pretty difficult.

Seedsman is awesome. Just select stealth shipping and you'll be good. My order came 11 days later.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought if the post office tells you to come down and pick it up then they know what it is. Seeds that go straight through are safe. Reason being when you pick it up they see you personally do it, now they have right to enter your property?

Did a ton of research on this a few years ago. I'd check out attitude seed bank and look at CBD Crews lineup. Have made like 6 orders and they have come every time. IMO if you go with attitude you will have nothing to worry about.

Ordered from them 3x now. You will not be disappointed.

I am going to give my green thumb a go. I own a few acres of protected land in the middle of no where. So I thought I'd give growing a shot. Anyone know where I can buy seeds that is trusted and safe?

I went into THAT shop in Glastonbury, and the guy was selling seeds that he said are good for outdoors at a low price. They are called "Avalon" something and were more expensive online.

Any experience with seedsman?

Another point. Might actually be better if you don't own the land. you can order online or the shop is located in Harrow, the guy who runs it is sound he'd be happy to help I'm sure