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rare cannabis seed auction

While Oracle certainly hasn’t lived up to what it was once purported to be, seeds still don’t come cheap. One online seed shop has 10 Oracle seeds listed for over $600.

Kosher Kush seeds won’t cost you thousands, but they are still relatively expensive. A pack of 6 seeds can run $100 or more. Good news is, Kosher Kush is easy on the beginning grower. It thrives when grown indoors and is known to produce well over a pound per plant.

Cannabis seed buyers beware. Marijuana seeds that are priced high don’t always produce the highest quality bud. The cost of cannabis seeds can run from relatively cheap to extremely expensive. And while you might think that the most expensive seeds are going to produce the highest quality harvest, this isn’t always the case.

What are the Most Expensive Marijuana Seeds?

It’s the genetics of a seed however, that truly make up a high-quality seed. The most expensive seeds are typically the ones with the best genes. When it comes to the quality of cannabis, genetics are everything. The effects, potency, taste, maturation rate, and yield are all dependent upon the genetics of that tiny little seed.

Determining if a marijuana seed is of high quality is dependent upon several different factors. Seeds that produce the highest quality buds must fully mature before they’re harvested. They also must be stored in a cool, dry place so they do not acquire mold or pick up any harmful pathogens. As a rule, seeds should be used within 16 months or frozen to be used in the future.

Quality cannabis doesn’t come cheap. And just like a bottle of fine wine, some marijuana strains are more expensive than others. High-quality cannabis has humble beginnings as a high-quality seed.

The genetic makeup of a plant is known as its genotype, which essentially serves as a blueprint for its growth. A plant’s genotype allows for a range of various physical possibilities, all of which are dependent upon the external environment. The physical appearance of a plant is known as the phenotype. A plant’s phenotype includes smell, shape, color, and production of resin, all of which are influenced by the environment.

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There is no limitation on how many packs per strain you may buy during a reverse seed auction. Buy as many packs of feminized or regular cannabis seeds at auction prices.

Cannabis Seed Auctions – Cannabis seed packs on this page will reduce in price after a predetermined amount of time. When someone decides to buy, the price will reset to full price and start over again. Auctions in reverse are unique to Greenpoint Seeds. Nobody else holds cannabis seed auctions like we do!

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