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rapid rooter plugs for cannabis seeds

Together, we can add to this multi-millennia relationship and play a part in the beautiful history of cannabis.
When growing from seed, you have control over every aspect of the product you produce. You can pick flavors and effects that you enjoy, making your strain selections unique and personal.

There are various methods of germinating cannabis seeds and, although there are many paths to the same goal, we have found that the method described below is the best way to germinate cannabis seeds.

Start With Big and Healthy Seeds

6. Carefully place each germinated cannabis seed inside the hole of its own Rapid Rooter, taproot down. Tear off a small piece of rapid rooter to cover the hole on top of the seed for moisture retention and some resistance. This will allow the seedling to become strong before surfacing. Splash the seeded rapid rooters with plain water one more time before leaving them under a gentle light source such as a T-5 (4).

3. Put the shot glass in a dark place that has a stable temperature of around 70-80 degrees.

1. Take a clean shot glass and fill it with room temperature water (tap, filtered, or reverse osmosis water is fine).

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Two Main Goals

This method is hard to mess up if you follow the instructions. Place your seeds inside a folded wet paper towel, and put that between two plates. The purpose of the plates is to prevent the seeds from drying out. Don’t let any part of a paper towel hang out the edges or it will wick away all the moisture and dry out. Keep everything totally contained between the plates.

3.) Germination

Since your seed has already sprouted and been in placed into the right growing position, it’ll often pop its head out within just 12-24 hours! Sometimes you see just the leaves, but often you actually see the seedling push the shell above ground.

We have a cannabis seedling germination page that includes everything you need to know about all the different germination methods, but this tutorial is different. In this tutorial, I’m going to share exactly how I do my seeds from beginning to end. Just follow these instructions and you’ll end up with healthy, fast-growing plants that germinate in just a few days. It’s basically fail-proof.

Don’t touch the shell if possible because a tiny tug in the wrong direction can pull the seedling out of the plug and break off the taproot.

Your seedlings get a little extra oxygen if you let the Rapid Rooter stick up into the air slightly as opposed to burying it.

afterwards, make sure your plugs stay moist but not soaked all the time.

I had 14 Tutankhamen seeds and i only got 7 full developments. the others rotted and died.

i develop a tap root first by putting them in a wet paper towel and then into a ziplock back (to hold the moisture in). Once a tap root is developed, i place them root-down carefully into the plugs about 1/4" down. Then i break off a tiny piece from the corner of the plug and gently stuff the hole [you put the seed in] so that no light gets to it. Depending on how strong the seed is from the beginning will determine if it continues it’s life cycle.

If you used the starter tray that comes wrapped in the plastic, i might suggest using a hair dryer to the sides of the tray to bring the ‘bow’ out of them so when you use a humidity dome, the moisture doesn’t leak out and takes longer for the seedlings to mature.